Dear reader,

Below is our Updated Itinerary which we have scheduled for the day:

•  9.15 am Coffee and Refreshments.

•  9.45 am Welcome and Introduction (Linda) 10 minutes.

•  Dr Luke Beardon 60 minutes.  Exploring the myths and identifying the positives in Autism.

•  Introduction to Axia ASD Ltd, meet the team (Linda and Axia) 10 minutes.

•  How to refer and what happens next (Carly) 10 minutes.

•  What have we learnt about people on the Autism Spectrum from the diagnostic process (Linda) 30 minutes.

•  11.30 am Break – Coffee and Refreshments.

•  12.00 pm The Portrayal of people on the Autism Spectrum and ADHD in film and TV (Calvin, self-proclaimed Nerd Consultant and Head of Axia Film Society) 30 minutes.

•  12.30 pm.  The Experience of being diagnosed (Linda) 30 minutes.

•  1.00 pm.  Explaining the afternoon and a chance for people to write down any questions they have for the panel.  15 minutes.

•  1.15 pm onwards.  Lunch will be available and a chance to visit exhibition stands.  Also, chance to write down any further questions people would like answered after lunch.

•  2.30 pm.  An opportunity to have your questions answered by a panel of individuals who describe themselves as being on the Autism Spectrum.

•  3.30 pm.  Break

•  4.00 pm.  Final opportunity to ask questions.

•  4.30 pm.  Reflections on the day (Linda).

As we are aiming to achieve an approximately equal ratio of those on the spectrum to those not as attendees, we would urge you to
book your place now and Contact Carly as tickets are limited!