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The Rewrite (2014) – Review

“THE REWRITE” The Rewrite is a romantic comedy about a once successful screenwriter who makes the decision to fly from his life of Los Angeles to become a teacher in a New York University. Staring Hugh Grant, the film portrays

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The Story of Luke (2012) – Review

“THE STORY OF LUKE” Following my diagnosis, one of the pieces of “advice” I received was to visit some of the autistic forums. It turned out to “not be my thing”, however there was a chap on one of them

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Mozart and the Whale (2005) – Review

“MOZART AND THE WHALE” Until an aspie friend brought the 2005 aspie rom-com“Mozart and the Whale” to my attention I was entirely unaware of the film. She had discovered it for herself during her extensive reading around the topic of

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The Blues Brothers (1980) – Review

“THE BLUES BROTHERS” Is this a situation anyone can relate to?… One is in midst of conversation, and suddenly a thought comes to mind – from where you know not, and, from subconscious depths, without further “due diligence” one vocalises

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