“Found the whole process very positive and helpful. I’m pleased I decided to get a diagnosis and really glad I chose Axia ASD Ltd. I feel I’ve got a better understanding of myself.”
Client – June 2017

“Axia has made a huge difference to our lives and we are all in a much better place for it. Thank heaven our supportive and informed GP recommended it, because we were definitely at crisis point as a family before we were referred.

We have been able (with Elliot’s permission) to participate in Elliot’s sessions with Elspeth, this has helped us to understand his needs far better. Elspeth also writes to us after each session to summarise what was discussed and what actions we have agreed. This has been really powerful in helping us to reflect on Elliot’s progress over the months.

Attending the Post-Diagnostic Support group has also given me a much better understanding of Elliot’s needs and of the Autistic population generally (not that Autistic people can be categorised any more than anyone else) and I feel that I now have accepted that my son’s differences are not something that need to be fixed. We celebrate and support his different needs in a far more positive way and we have a range of strategies that we can fall back to if and when they are needed.

Linda and Elspeth have also gone above and beyond providing therapeutic support by inviting Elliot into a small VLOG group with other young people with similar interests and kindly provided a space for them to do this. This is a wonderful addition and Elliot has really enjoyed spending time with these other young people.

I wanted to say thank you to Linda and Elspeth for the extraordinary level of support and care they have provided not just to my son Elliot but also to our whole family, it has made a huge difference to all of us.”
Lynne – June 2017

“Glad to see a service that diagnoses following the NICE Guidelines and including parental and school evidence as paramount to making a diagnosis.  Thanks for the diagnosis it has reduced a huge amount of stress on our family and our son can now access the right support and schools.”
Client – May 2017

“I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I feel as if i have a different outlook and can breathe almost.
Being able to start again with my strengths, like running with a herd of antelope and i am just a reindeer.”
Client – March 2017

“I am writing to thank you for your highly professional service.
Your highly professional attitude was clear from the outset.  I was very pleased with how you initially greeted me.  Throughout the consultation you demonstrated to me a very warm, kind and empathetic approach.  This made me feel comfortable and enabled me to relax into the situation.  This was the first time that I had been spoken to like this.
It was a pleasure to receive your detailed assessment report.  After reading through the report I have gained a much clearer understanding about my behaviours.  Thank you for providing me with the closure that I needed.  I now feel as though I can move forwards with my life.”
Client – June 2016

“I have much experience of diagnosis and treatment by other psychologists and allied professionals and I’ve found Dr Buchan by far the most understanding, kind, helpful and considerate of all of them. She strikes me as a particularly insightful psychologist who makes her patients feel at ease and treats them as equal human beings who happen to have a neurodevelopmental difference.
Dr Buchan is approachable and friendly while remaining professional and both she and her team remain helpful and approachable after diagnosis; I have since my diagnosis had contact with Dr Buchan and her PA Carly Bailey several times and they have been friendly and of assistance always.”
Client – April 2016

“It was the most informative session we have had to date and the first where X’s complexities have been recognised and understood. Cannot recommend you highly enough.”
– April 2015

“Words cannot properly describe how wonderful Dr Buchan was to me. So kind, helpful, patient and to be given such clear diagnosis and also about not being well for work yet and explaining what happened, that I ran out of copability. It was such a deep and true relief. The place itself was really lovely. The room spacious yet kind of cosy and the receptionsts helpful and friendly. Thank you everyone.”
– December 2014

“I can still vividly recall the first meeting we had with you. You were carrying a great big file, didn’t look the best organised file either. It was not an ‘Oh here comes God’ entrance. I’m the expert. I’ll listen to you but I’ll know the answer anyway. I felt as though you were meeting us where we were at. The approach was humble and totally disarming. You listened intently and asked very down to earth questions. You hardly took your eyes off X or us but it was not intimidating. And then you gave us your thoughts and it was like a breath of fresh air. We finally had the correct diagnosis.
I contacted Carly in desperation and a same day phone call I believe was arranged. I recall the letters you have written for us. I recall Carly took messages whilst on holiday. I recall how she said to you once I think you better look at this when I had written and was so desperate.
I have trust not only in you Linda but with Carly too.”
– September 2014

“Huge congratualtions Carly. I am blessed to have discovered you and the wonderful service you provide. Best wishes for your continued success. S”
– September 2014

“I’m sorry I have been meaning to send a thank you card since our visit to you in February, but life is very hectic. After enquiring about follow up treatments for E it made me take time to sit and write this. I’m not sure we will make it to you in Chester again, but if we only ever make the one visit, it has made an enormous difference to our sons life. It has given him an identity, and he summed it up by telling us only a few weeks ago that he felt like he was born when he came to Chester. He now confidently tells people about his Aspergers, and on difficult days he now has a reason to help him understand and not that E is stupid which we know he definitely isn’t. So just a big thank you for the care and understanding and respect you both showed to us all.”

“Linda has not only saved my marriage but I believe she has also saved my husband’s life as I’m sure he would have ended his life without Linda’s support. For this, we will both be forever grateful.”
– CLIENT’S WIFE 15/11/2011

“My husband trusts Linda fully and has refused to see any other professional – no matter how far we have to travel to see her. For me, as a wife of somebody with Aspergers, our consultations with Linda are the only time that I see my husband discussing his feelings openly. It is always a very emotional time for both of us and, although it is very difficult for my husband, I leave the consultations feeling so much closer to him.

“Linda diagnosed my husband with Aspergers and Dyspraxia. She supported both of us through the diagnosis and the realization of what this meant to my husband and to us as a couple. She has helped us to work through issues that have arisen – fully understanding both of our difficulties and explaining to us individually how the other person feels.”

“If I may explain briefly what our lives were like before referral to Linda and the subsequent diagnosis. My husband had gone missing 9 times in four years for periods of up to 3 weeks, he was suicidal, presented into A&E on a number of occasions and was admitted to the local mental health unit. The Consultant Psychiatrist stated that my husband could not have Aspergers because he could make eye contact with him. Our marriage was at breaking point and family life for our young son was non existent.”

“Linda provided me with supervision during an 18-month clinical training placement, during which time my needs as a trainee inevitably changed and evolved. I was really struck with Linda’s capacity to note this and adapt her supervisiory style accordingly, enabling me to grow in confidence and autonomy as a practitioner. I really valued her openness to negotiate parameters around our contact that complimented my professional stance and the skilful way in which she introduced new thinking and challenged me to develop as a consequence. I have benefited greatly from her interpersonal style as a supervisor, as well as her extensive knowledge and clinical experience, and would happily recommend her to colleagues.”

“I have been supervised by Dr Linda Buchan both as a trainee and Clinical psychologist. Linda’s supervision is always thoughtful and supportive where the needs of the client are paramount. Linda also allowed me to grow and develop my clinical skills in a safe and trusting supervisory relationship. I felt very lucky to have worked with such a wonderful supervisor and colleague and would recommend her to anyone.”

“Dr Buchan was very easy to talk to and we feel we benefited not only from her vast clinical experience but also her personal experiences.”

“Having a diagnosis has helped me to make sense of my life; what has happened in the past and how having Asperger syndrome affects my life on a daily basis. The diagnostic process itself was handled in a very sensitive manner and was clearly communicated to me so that I knew what to expect. One of the major aspects for me, was I felt like I was being taken seriously, that I was believed. Linda used her expertise, but also considered what I had to say as important, not only as a part of the process, but in making me feel valued as a human being.”

“When I first considered going for a diagnosis I knew I would only trust one person do assess me, and that one person was Linda. She is one of the very few people in the field of autism/Asperger syndrome that I have found to be trustworthy, and her communication style and demeanour is respectful, honest, non-patronising and – the highest compliment of all – very AS-friendly. The process itself was only bearable because of Linda’s attitude and excellent support; the positive outcome has eased my mind in a way that I suspect only others with AS would be able to appreciate – and my heartfelt thanks go to Linda who has enabled me to more fully understand who I am.”

“Thank you for meeting with us recently and for assessing X. Thank you especially for the kindness and understanding you showed to X and our family, particularly regarding the sensitive issues involved. Your report was excellent and your advice and suggestions really helped X to begin to understand herself.”

“Just want to say again a big thank you to both of you (Linda and Carly). You are so efficient and caring…I work in the NHS and often the wheels grind soooo slowly! Every step of X’s journey over the last year or so, you have both gone the extra mile, nothing has been too much trouble, and I massively appreciate your support.”

“Can I also pass on my thanks to Dr Buchan? X clearly felt listened to, understood, valued and encouraged by his interview.”

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