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This section is where you will find Axia Film Society reviews from Calvin, our very own, in house “Nerd Consultant”.

Deadpool 2 – Review

“DEADPOOL 2” Deadpool 2 is now one of the biggest follow ups to a superhero movie considering how high grossing the first one was, and it left a lot for people to want more. Deadpool is worldwide the highest grossing

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Anime Amigos is on Facebook

  We’re the Anime Amigos, a group of amataeur anime reviewers, chatting certified nonsense. From left to right, we are Reece, Renwick, Calvin and Elliot. Anime Amigos is on Facebook. To connect with Anime Amigos, log in to Facebook. Share

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Sherlock Gnomes – Review

“SHERLOCK GNOMES” OK, you guys all know that this film is not that good, so you won’t be surprised that this is a shorter than usual review. Sherlock Gnomes is a follow-up to Gnomeo and Juliet, a film that I

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May 2018 Anime Amigos Vlog Announcement

May Anime Amigos vlog (Netflix Live action FullMetal Alchemist) Our next Anime Amigo vlog will be the amigos will be discussing there thoughts on netflix Full Metal Alchemist May 30th at 2 PM (possibly 1:30 if one member can be

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The Strangers: Prey At Night – Review

“THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT” OK, who actually remembers The Strangers? I barely knew about this film, in fact I actually watched the first film two days prior to seeing this one. The Strangers is one of those films that

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Avengers Infinity War – Review

“AVENGERS INFINITY WAR” Avengers Infinity War is the culmination of ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so may films leading to this one, each one bigging up a different Infinity Stone. Now, Weedon was meant to be directing this

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Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay – Review

SUICIDE SQUAD: HELL TO PAY The next entry in the DC Animated movies and the next entry in the DC Animated Universe, which it feels like we have been quite a while since we last went back, the last one

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Anime Amigos Vlog 14

Anime Amigos Vlog Ep 14: Ready Player One & Mary and the Witches Flower review     1:44 our early Spring recommendations 16:24 our thoughts on Ready Player one (non spoilers) 21:44 our thoughts on Ready Player one (spoilers) 32:17

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Rampage – Review

“RAMPAGE” Here’s what you need to know about Rampage. It was an arcade game from way back and with very little plot, which was to be expected in those days, you weren’t playing a video game for the plot, you

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April Anime Amigos Vlog Announcement

April 2018 Anime Amigos vlog (Ready Player One & Mary and The Witches Flower) Our next Anime Amigo vlog will be the amigos will be discussing his thoughts on Ready Player One and Mary and The Witches Flower April 18th

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A Quiet Place – Review

“A QUIET PLACE” A quiet place is the directorial debut of John Krasinki who also co-wrote the story. The film is a very interesting concept which the trailers hooked me on, certainly more than the Death Wish re-make which also

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Ready Player One – Review

“READY PLAYER ONE” Ready Player One is a film that was announced around several cons last year. Based on the book with the same name, which I won’t claim to have read, but I have looked up brief synopsis and

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Anime Amigos Vlog 13

Anime Amigos Vlog Ep 13: Best of Winter 2018 Here’s our 10th Anime vlog Hosted by Nerd Consultant Calvin ,Reece Imiolek ,Ren Bromiley and Elliot Chapman on the subject of their best anime of the Winter 2018 season. Embended bellow

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Pacific Rim: Uprising – Review

“PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING” Ok, you are probably expecting me to tear into this one considering it is another giant robot movie and I have gone on record several times saying I really don’t like the Transformers movies. Well, you are

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Tomb Raider – Review

“TOMB RAIDER” Tomb Raider is the latest in what is becoming a series of video game movies, many of which have been commissioned in order to catapult off the success of the comic book movie industry, which is booming right

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Game Night – Review

“GAME NIGHT” Ok, full disclosure, I picked Game Night for the very specific reason that the trailer led me to believe the film might have some interesting twists. The film potentially has an interesting concept and while the trailer did

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March Anime Amigos Vlog Announcement

March Anime Amigos vlog (best and worst of Winter 2018) Our next Anime Amigo vlog will be on March 28th our consultant Calvin will be discussing his thoughts on the best anime of the winter season in order to pick

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Anime Amigos Vlog 12

Anime Amigos Vlog Ep 12: Anime fights (homage to Screen Junkies)   We pay tribute to Screen Junkies by doing our version of Movie Fights with an Anime twist   03:53 Round 1: Who should direct a live action adaptation

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26th September 2018
at 12:30 pm
The Next Axia ASDis 17th October 2018
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

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