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This section is where you will find Axia Film Society reviews from Calvin, our very own, in house “Nerd Consultant”.

Spider-Man Miles Morales – Game Review

Spider-Man Miles Morales (Available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4) (PlayStation 5 version used for review) Spider-Man is back to launch the PlayStation 5 with this spin off game that’ll show off the capabilities of the console. This time we’re

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Pikmin 3: Deluxe – Game Review

Pikmin 3: Deluxe (Available for Nintendo Switch only) Pikmin 3 finally makes it to the Switch from the Wii U making it one of the last great games on that system to make the jump to the Switch with added

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The Animation World Cup: Round Three

The Animation World Cup: Winners’ Semi Finals And now it’s time for the Winners’ Semi-Finals, and man is this one going to be tough. So, let’s get straight down to it. Match 1: My Life As A Courgette vs Chicken

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The Animation World Cup: Round Two

The Animation World Cup: Losers’ Semi-Finals Welcome back to The Animation World Cup! And it’s time to determine which two films will take on each other for the prize of winning the losers’ bracket. Check out last week to see

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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – Game Review

13 SENTINELS: AEGIS RIM (Available for PlayStation 4 only) Atlus might make some great games but they suck at localising their games to the west. The Persona games still come out half a year after their Japanese releases in spite

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The Animation World Cup: Round One

  The Animation World Cup: Round 1 Well, cinemas are back in lockdown again which means I’ve got nothing to review, and even streaming sites seem to running low on things to release. With that in mind, rather than just

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Amnesia: Rebirth – Game Review

AMNESIA: REBIRTH Happy Halloween everyone… wait, it’s November?… #@%£ – Elliot If you were watching Youtube during the 2010’s, then no doubt you’ve heard the name Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The game was first made popular by the large number

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – Review

“BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM” With cinemas shutting down again it’s definitely going to be a case that we’ll be watching all our movies on streaming services, which is why it’s slightly comforting to know that the latest Borat film went directly

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope – Game Review

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC) (PlayStation 4 version used for review) The second in Supermassive Games series (third if you count Until Dawn) has been put out following last year’s Man

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Pixie – Review

“PIXIE” Pixie is yet another film that has been brought to cinemas in the wake of an industry gasping for air, while big companies hold out their releases that have made the rounds last year, and is hoping to make

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Mortal Shell – Game Review

Mortal Shell No doubt we’re all eagerly awaiting the release of the Demon’s Souls remake, which is being released as a launch title for the PS5 on the 19th November 2020 (12th November in America and Japan), as well as

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Saint Maud – Review

“SAINT MAUD” Saint Maud is the latest indie horror film directed by Rose Glass who also wrote the script, and this is her first feature-length film having directed short films prior to this. And it’s great that it’s finally come

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Crash Bandicoot 4 – Game Review

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (Available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) (PlayStation 4 version used for review) Crash Bandicoot 4 is the latest game Activision have brought out the N.Sane trilogy 2 years ago being full on remakes

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Akira (re: 2020) – Review

“AKIRA (RE: 2020)” No, this is not me suddenly going back to reviewing classic movies, and it’s not exactly me giving the ‘Why was this so great?’ list. There is actually a timely reason to do this: it was announced

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Tell Me Why – Game Review

Tell Me Why (Available for Xbox One and PC) (Xbox Series X version available later this year) (PC version used for review) (No Spoilers in Review and please refrain from posting Spoilers in the comments section) Tell Me Why is

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Hades – Game Review

HADES This is my first ever game review please be kind – Elliot Hades is the newest game from indie game developers Supergiant Games, known for creating the critically acclaimed Bastion and Transistor. The game was first revealed at the

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Super Mario 35 – Game Review

Super Mario 35 (Available for Nintendo Switch only) (Nintendo Switch Online account is required) Super Mario 35 is a free online multiplayer battle royal game for the Switch online as part of the Mario 35th Anniversary. You play the original

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Schemers – Review

“SCHEMERS” Schemers is the first film from writer/director/producer Dave Mclean; he hasn’t previously helmed a film prior to this from what I can tell. His IMDB page is actually pretty much blank other than this movie, so there’s really not

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