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Batman: Gotham by Gaslight – Review

“BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT” Whilst this isn’t the first DC animated film to be an elseworld story, it’s the first one to be based on an existing elseworld storyline. The concept of an elseworld is that you take familiar characters

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Black Panther – Review

“BLACK PANTHER” Black Panther is a hell of a milestone for the MCU at this point, considering that it is not only the first of these films to be fronted by a black superhero and a predominantly black cast, but

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The 15:17 To Paris – Review

“THE 15:17 TO PARIS” Yes, I know I was supposed to review Winchester, but the film had done so poor with the critics on its opening week that there were virtually no screenings in Liverpool, I found one screening at

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February Anime Amigos Vlog Announcement

Febuary Anime Amigos vlog (Anime fights)   Our next Anime Amigo vlog will be Calvin, Reece, Ren and Elliot will be doing their version of screen junkies movie fights competing against each over for a championship belt to see who

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Anime Amigos Vlog 11

Anime Amigo’s Vlog Ep 11: Anime of the Year 2017 We finally make our choice for Anime of the year between Saga Of Tanya The Evil, WorldEnd, Knights and Magic and Juuni Taisen as well as our personal top 5

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Early Man – Review

“EARLY MAN” Early Man is the latest film from Aardman Animation and Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park. Now I’ve never really talked about Aardman Animation in my past reviews, but, I am a fan. I grew up on Wallace

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The Post – Review

“THE POST” The Post is a reference to the Washington Post, one of the world’s most famous newspapers, which you may have seen recently being attacked by the current President of the United States for spreading what he calls “fake

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Coco – Review

“COCO” So, Pixar are at it again and this looked like a good way to start the year. Coco is something that I have been aware of for quite some time, but I didn’t actually go in to it thinking

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Top Ten Worst Films of 2017

“TOP 10 WORST FILMS 2017” 2017 has been and gone and it’s very much in the rear view mirror, but as tradition stands, we go through my thoughts on the best and worst of the year list. Now this year

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Top Ten Best Films of 2017

“TOP 10 BEST FILMS 2017” The best films of 2017 were really some brilliant pieces of work. I have had a real ball going to the cinema this year and it wasn’t just because of these films, even the films

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January Anime Amigos vlog announcement

January Anime Amigos vlog (Anime of the year) including your voice in our decision Our next Anime Amigo vlog will be Calvin, Reece, Ren and Elliot deciding what will win “Anime Amigos Anime of the year 2017” as well their

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Star Wars The Last Jedi – Review

“STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI” Yes, apologies for this review being later than expected, this was down to a few circumstances that were a bit out of my control. Star Wars The Last Jedi is the eight entry now in

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Anime Amigos Vlog 10

Anime Amigos Vlog Ep 10: Best of Fall 2017 Here’s our 10th Anime vlog Hosted by Nerd Consultant Calvin and Reece Imiolek along with Ren Bromiley and Elliot Chapman on the subject of their best anime of the Fall 2017

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Calvin & Ren Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Calvin & Ren Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi   We finally get a chance to review the long awaited 8th episode of Star Wars   Follow us on Twitter: @atkinson_calvin and @FourTablesMTG   Share This Post:

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Jamie Oliver’s “My Christmas Cake” from December’s P-D.S.G.

Jamie Oliver’s, My Christmas Cake Selected by “Nerd Consultant” Calvin Jamie Oliver’s, My Christmas Cake, packed with dried fruit, cocoa, stout and spice. Three hours thirty minutes, plus cooling and decorating. Ingredients   • 200g unsalted butter, at room temperature,

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The Disaster Artist – Review

“THE DISASTER ARTIST” Ever heard of a little film from 2003 called The Room, you probably have because it’s probably the most infamous bad film ever made. It probably would have faded into obscurity had it not been for the

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The Man Who Invented Christmas – Review

“THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS” There are very few times when I go and see a film and I have actually read the book, as anyone who regularly reads my reviews is very much well aware of. Once example where

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The Boy And The Beast (2015) – Review

“THE BOY AND THE BEAST” The Boy and the Beast is a film I have wanted to talk about for quite some time, but have only just found an opportunity to do so. The film was released in Japan back

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