Dr Peter Mason – ADHD

Axia has established close links with with Dr Peter Mason, a Consultant Psychiatrist diagnosing ADHD. I am particularly pleased to see this collaboration, as it was Dr. Mason who diagnosed my ADHD, prior to referring me here to Axia!

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Dr Mason saw, and treated his first patient with ADHD in 2006 at a time when most people were sceptical about the condition, and from there pioneered the development of Adult ADHD services across Wirral, Liverpool, parts of Cheshire and Bolton. In 2009 Dr Mason left his Community Mental Health Team to pursue a full-time career in Adult ADHD. He won innovation awards to pilot ADHD services in prisons and community drug services. For many years Dr Mason has worked closely with the voluntary sector and has been a Trustee of the ADHD Foundation. Dr Mason has published papers on outcomes in ADHD and ADHD in psychosis. Dr Mason’s reputation is such that he is invited to speak at national and international conferences about ADHD and he contributes to the All Party Parliamentary Group on ADHD.

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6 comments on “Dr Peter Mason – ADHD
  1. Naomi Davis says:

    Can you confirm that you are taking GP referalls under the Right to Choose scheme? My GP has agreed to refer buty local specialist centre has a 3 to 4 year waiting list!

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    To get a response from Dr Mason you will need to go on his website

  3. Liza Broome says:

    I was diagnosed by Dr Mason in 2010 best day of my life thank you.

  4. Linda Buchan says:

    He is a wonderful person

  5. Natalie Colquhoun says:


    I would like to book a consultation for my little boy who I believe is displaying symptoms of ADHD

    Do I need to contact my GP first ?

  6. Linda Buchan says:

    I think that would be a good idea

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