Support Services: Post-Diagnostic

Post-Diagnostic Support Services

Post-Diagnostic Support Group

Our Post-Diagnostic Support Group (PDSG) takes place every six weeks between 12-2pm and can be attended both in person and virtually. The PDSG is for those who are aged 18+ and have been diagnosed through our service. Parents of children who have been diagnosed by Axia are welcome to attend, however the content of the sessions is aimed at adults.

We encourage members of the group to share their thoughts and experiences as this can be helpful for everyone. In order that people feel safe to do this, we ask that you are respectful when engaging in conversation, whether this be in person or virtually.

Each PDSG is led by a guest speaker, covering a range of topics. Some examples of previous topics are ‘Autism and Later Life’, ‘Stress, PTSD and Autism’ and ‘Accessing Mental Health Services’.

In order to join we require the name, date of birth and date of your assessment (or the person assessed i.e., your child’s date of assessment) to be sent to

Once we have received these details, you can then be added to the group and will be sent the Zoom link for each session. There is no commitment to join every time and you are free to pick the topics that you are most interested in.

Every session is recorded and uploaded to our website so that you can rewatch or catch up on anything you might have missed. This is available to everyone, not just members of the group. Axia Playlist

The Anime Amigos

The Anime Amigos is a group made up of Calvin, Ren, Reece and Elliot who produce monthly podcasts discussing the world of Anime. This, along with their live streams and game / film reviews, makes up part of our post-diagnostic support. Calvin has also written a book ‘The Nerd Consultant’s Guide to Anime’.

Social Media

Axia’s social media account names can be seen below. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are the most active.

Adults, and the parents of children, who receive a diagnosis through our service will be able to join our closed Facebook Group. Members are encouraged to share posts that they have found useful, and there is often interactive discussion around a range of topics.

We share Axia news and events, as well as other information via our Instagram page. This is a useful tool and many people have been able to connect with our service in this way.

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