Support Services: Post-Diagnostic

Post-Diagnostic Support Services

The ethos of Axia ASD Ltd is working in partnership which is fundamental to all of our work including our post-diagnostic and ongoing psychological intervention. Our post-diagnostic sessions focus on the impact of the diagnosis and we know that many individuals appear to have to re-live their lives going through key events and viewing them in the light of now being someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a service we have come to realise the adjustment process is much more complicated, longer and more painful than we had at first realised. We have also become increasingly aware of the impact on immediate and wider family members both in relation to their response to the family member’s diagnosis and in reflecting on their own lives.

We allow the person to tell their story in a relationship that acknowledges they are the experts in their own lives and that they bring enormous strengths (

Ongoing psychological intervention acknowledges that all behaviour observed is seen as meaningful communication, an acknowledgement that the world can be a confusing and at times frightening place for the individual. Axia ASD Ltd works to gain an empathic understanding as to how the individual views their world including, for example, any sensory sensitivities.

Axia ASD Ltd also look at the impact of the diagnosis on brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and so on who are all potentially impacted on by the diagnosis.

Axia ASD Ltd is able to offer individual, family and systemic therapy.

Axia ASD Ltd run a Post-Diagnostic Support Group for those diagnosed by us and their families, which is currently held virtually every six weeks. These PDSG sessions are advertised on our website each month, when people can apply to participate. The sessions contain a presentation by a guest speaker and so are usually recorded. You can find a playlist of our previous PDSG recordings and more here.

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