“The entire process was as positive as it could have been for me, and more so than I expected. This is due to the professionalism and feeling understood and listened to, as well as anxiety/wellbeing being accommodated for with reminders that I could take a break, and the assessor checking how I was feeling/if i needed anything throughout.
The assessor created an environment for me to feel as comfortable as I could, despite the fact I get much worse anxiety with males than with females, with enough difference that I usually specifically ask for a female. This gave me better conditions to explain my points while getting that bit less overwhelmed, and being able to think clearer. This in my opinion also helped get a accurate answer that correlated with what I was trying to say, in the parts that involved my response.
Thank you to everyone involved.”
Salford Guest – May 2024

“Axia staff are aware and respectful of gender and pronoun preferences (much appreciated in current healthcare climates of homophobia and transphobia) and the assessor’s questions and general attitude was welcoming and supportive, it did not feel like the assessment was trying to undermine, gaslight or pathologise my experiences and I was able to share comfortably.”
Self-Funded Guest – May 2024

“My experience and assessor was very nice, I felt well understood, listened.”
Salford Guest – May 2024

“Our experience as a family was so positive, Jacqui was very welcoming, calm and knowledgeable. She made my son (who was being assessed) feel welcome, accepted and celebrated. The environment was well suited to his needs. The process was explained throughout and any questions we had were answered without hesitation.
I have recommended to a few of my friends now and would definitely come back if needed! Thankyou!”
Self-Funded Guest – May 2024

“The assessment process with Axia was really positive for me. I really appreciated the consideration, such as being provided with a great level of detailed information prior to the assessment, the environment of the assessment, and the outcome of the assessment being disclosed at the end of the appointment.
It felt like a lot of thought and effort has gone into minimising the distress of going to a new place for a new and potentially uncomfortable process. The assessor was really good at putting me at ease and providing transparency about the process. The questionnaire was confronting but very useful and the assessment itself felt very therapeutic and validating.”
Right to Choose Guest – May 2024

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the service Axia provided. They took a thorough developmental history and the video assessment was detailed. I felt respected, heard and validated throughout the assessment.
It has helped for self validation and healing for me personally. Especially after a very different experience with an NHS provider who told me I wasn’t autistic because I gave eye contact and held conversation. I am happy now to have the answers to enable me to move forward with my life.”
Self-Funded Guest – April 2024

“Excellent service and friendly communication from all involved, I love how detailed my report is and all the information given after diagnosis is amazing.”
Self-Funded Guest – April 2024

“I was very anxious when attending the session, but was very appreciative to my assessor for helping to put me at ease. It’s also quite stunning to see how my autism effects itself on my life outlined quite so clearly in the assessment report. Thank you.”
Salford Guest – April 2024

“Axia always answered my email queries very quickly. The clinicians were wonderful during my son’s assessment and I felt listened to and validated, something which I unfortunately did not feel with the NHS. The room was lovely and calm, and this enabled by son to be his true self during his assessment. Thank you so much to everyone!”
Self-Funded Guest – April 2024

“I can’t fault any part of the process. Everything from start to finish was excellent. Including all the communications and the assesment.
Many thanks for all the help from everybody at Axia.”
Guest – April 2024

“I really benefitted hugely from my experience with Axia. I was treated with compassion and respect by all members of staff and felt validated by Steph and receiving my diagnosis. I felt seen and heard, really for the first time in my life understood and have started to make adjustments to my life.”
Self-Funded Guest – March 2024

“Thank you so much for our meeting in December. You made our daughter feel very relaxed and comfortable. The room is such a warming space and feels so welcoming. We were extremely pleased how you already knew our daughter before we walked into the appointment and for that we thank you.”
Self-Funded Guest – March 2024

“Superb. Really professional but comfortable.”
Self-Funded Guest – March 2024

“Halil, Thankyou very much for your speedy and helpful response. You’ve helped me a lot and put me at ease. I appreciate it very much.”
Salford Guest – February 2024

“Genuinely wonderful, staff was lovely, couldn’t have asked for a better diagnostic experience really! Thanks to everyone for your help!”
Self-Funded Guest – February 2024

“The wait between the referral and getting my appointment was very quick, and the wait time to the appointment itself was much shorter than expected (assumed it would be minimum of a year). Booking staff were very helpful all the way through the pre-appointment process.
I was made to feel very comfortable and secure during the appointment and actually enjoyed the process and found it very interesting and informative.”
Salford Guest – January 2024

“Found the service provided by Axia and the process of testing, observation and diagnosis fine, and also interesting – I think it has been both useful and therapeutic for me to go through this process and I thank you for your service and careful attention and support through the process.”
Salford Guest – November 2023

“The service I received was very informative and gave me a result that helps me understand myself better. Every person from Axia I was in contact with through the whole process was very helpful and gave me all the info I needed and more.
Thank you”
Salford Guest – October 2023

“My experience was life changing and I can’t thank you enough … I have spent all my life trying to work out what was wrong with me and have been repeatedly misdiagnosed. Ive never felt so heard and understood and it brought me to tears with relief.”
Client – August 2023

“I found the process incredibly straightforward which was amazing even though my GP initially wasn’t too receptive “given my age”! However, I was very pleased to discover he had referred me, and as I said I would take a cancellation, was seen very quickly which was brilliant as the waiting was creating anxiety (which frustrates me as its unnecessary but that’s me).
I found Ren and his colleague incredibly respectful, empathic and helpful during the process and so reassured during the discussions. He explained the reasons why I react to certain events and was so very genuine. I felt totally validated and certainly DID NOT feel abnormal as I have forever! Thank you Ren!”
Client – July 2023

“To EVERYONE at Axia.
I have had nothing but top quality assessment, support, help and care from you prior and subsequent to my Autistic diagnosis aged 57!
I am deeply grateful to you providing the expert Sarah Hendrickx to undertake my assessment, and the post-diagnostic support group is a fabulous service.
I recently required a report for PIP – within a week I had it from you.
Forever Grateful.”
Client – May 2023

“Everyone I spoke to or had communications with were extremely helpful and kind throughout the process. In particular I would like to thank Mr David Reiser who was so kind and considerate during the assessment. I felt very reassured at a time when I was feeling incredibly anxious and nervous.
Thank you so much for the service you provide.”
Salford Client – May 2023

“Sometimes when phoning I was put through to the voicemail message service. This was difficult for me as I do tend to find that on the whole I do not appreciate or like answer phones. Overall the experience that I have had with Axia, and those who work with them to be salutary. I do not think at all that I nor anyone to hope to find a nicer, more professional team.”
Salford Client – April 2023

Thank you for your above comments and highlighting the issue you have with voicemail, this has prompted Axia to make the change and extend the length of time that the phones ring for before our guests reach voicemail.

“The service provided by Axia was very professional yet also personal at the same time. At no point did I feel stressed or anxious during the assessment. Although at first I didn’t really see any benefit being diagnosed with Autism I have since had lots of time to think and in a lot of ways certain behaviours or feelings that didn’t make much sense growing up sort of “clicked” and did make more sense, in a way.
Thank you Axia.”
Salford Client – April 2023

“Sarah was very calm and understanding when we were talking. She took time to listen to me and is a very friendly person. I felt at ease talking with her, which II usually find very difficult. It was helpful to look over the Meet the Team section of the notes and website so I could put a face to the name and know who to expect to talk to”
Bradford Client – April 2023

“The assessor did a wonderful job of ensuring that I was able to be at ease in what could have been a very stressful experience. He worked flexibly and was able to adapt his approach until found a way to ask questions that I could understand and respond to. His gentle and patient manner was both professional and reassuring.”
Client – March 2023

“I just wanted to write to thank you for THREE AMAZING THINGS
FIRSTLY .. the post diagnosis support group session last week was wonderful – your guest speaker was just so validating and affirming and relatable in every single way – I felt so buoyed up by listening to her experience and responses
SECONDLY … I have now been issued with a blue badge and want to thank you for writing a report in support of my application- it hugely help in assisting me get the badge
THIRDLY- Sarah Hendrixx who did my autistic assessment is a Wonder Woman .. I’ve just realised that I actually have 2 books in. M Y library that I’ve had for a few years but just realised THIS WEEK THEY WERE BY MY DIAGNOSTIC CLINICIAN Sarah !
She’s mighty big in the autustic world and it is just beginning to dawn on me . So thank you for providing me with the highest calibre women autistic expert to assess me and diagnose me correctly after 40 years of misdiagnosis THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING
Ellen 🤩❤️”
Client – March 2023

“I have had a very positive experience with Axia. My assessment was thorough and I felt supported by the assessor.”
Client – January 2023

“Is it possible you could send my thanks on to Linda and Esme. Although J was anxious she felt comfortable and happy talking to them both. Linda was fantastic with J and I haven’t seen J be able to express herself like that for a long time. She’s tired but very happy she now has the answers she needed.
We both thought the room was bright and comfortable, it felt calm and relaxing. A very professional and caring experience and we were honoured to be the first clients at your new premises, especially to see Linda and receive her knowledge and expertise.
Thank you again.”
Client – January 2023

“The diagnosis has answered the key Q that has been bothering me for many years…namely, is my ‘self’ that I find difficult to be with sometimes the consequence of traumas dumped on me as the family scapegoat when I was small, or is it nature. These traumas were life threatening – as I thought at the time.
It is now clear to me that my persistence with this Q over 40 years is a consequence of being an autistic-trait person who demands answers without being satisfied with half-way reasonings. ”
Client – January 2023

“Axia provided an excellent level of service and care at every stage of the process. I felt supported and was treated with respect by every member of the team I spoke to/ interacted with from initial enquiry, throughout the assessment, and during post-assessment follow up.
The assessor (Sarah Hendrickx) was very experienced and thorough, and also sensitive and respectful in her questioning. Overall, a very professional and positive service and I would be happy to recommend Axia to others. The only suggestion for improvement is that the link to the virtual assessment room I received was incorrect, which was a stressful start to the assessment appointment.”
Client – January 2023

“To the Axia Team: I wanted to thank you for your support during my recent difficult period. I am well and currently on an employment break.”
Client – November 2022

“I have already recommended your service to others. It was the first time anyone had properly listened to us and whilst L would prefer not to be autistic, she felt pleased with her diagnosis and the way she was told on the day. She repeated a few time on the way home ‘ L you are defiantly autistic’ and she loved having the card that she could show to family members. I was worried that in the assessment I would feel like I was moaning about L and it would become really negative, it was this fear that had put me off an assessment. It did not feel like this, all the professionals we met were so lovely and interested in L’s perspective on things. Thank you”
Client – November 2022

“I felt very relieved to finally have a diagnosis and I’m looking forward to being able to access all the support I need. Everyone I spoke to at Axia has been so helpful and really listened to me and understood often had their own stories so they could relate to everything I was saying. Any queries I had were quickly responded to.”
Client – October 2022

“I would just like to thank you all for the support you provide, all your staff are lovely”
Client – September 2022

“A really great experience throughout, support staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable with any questions I had prior to/after the appointment. The appointment itself felt thorough but not overwhelmingly so – felt like all the bases had been covered, but not like an interrogation. I feel really lucky to have had such a positive experience, thank you. ”
Client – August 2022

“I found the whole experience to be supportive and staff to be kind and helpful. I thought the questionnaire was very comprehensive and helpful to me on its own to set down and clarify my experiences. The lady who assessed me was professional, kind and supportive throughout. I feel the written report and additional resources are comprehensive.”
Client – August 2022

“I think this service is brilliant. I’ve been searching for answers for years and within a few weeks of being referred I finally got them. Renwick was so friendly and approachable, they really made me feel comfortable the whole way through and they used the phrases ‘’Congratulations, you’re autistic’’ and ‘’we’re diagnosing you based on your strengths’’ after my assessment which I think is so impactful. The entire way through they were enthusiastic, so I felt like they had my best interests at heart which is so important when dealing with a potentially sensitive issue like this. I also really appreciated that I was given recommendations for what to do next and how to educate myself further, specifically for education surrounding women with autism. Thank you all for the work that you do.”
Client – July 2022

“I could not be happier with the experience. I was given an appointment quickly after referral, plenty of information was provided, support was offered with the questionnaire, staff were very responsive and kind.
At my assessment, Linda and Estee made me feel comfortable, asked interesting questions and gave me lots of insight to reflect on. I received my report quickly and feel the report reflects me very well. Thank you so much, I feel a vital question has been answered and a load lifted from my shoulders. I will always be very grateful.”
Client – July 2022

“I have nothing but good things to say. The lady that came to the car was very polite and lady I seen (Hannah Williamson) was very caring, polite and helpful 😊”
Client – June 2022

“I received my official diagnosis after my assessment with Axia last month, as an NHS patient going through the right to choose pathway. My whole experience with Axia from start to finish has been exemplary. From initial communications, where axia answered any questions and guided me through the GP referal, right through to my actual assessment. The process was incredibly efficient.
It’s very clear that Axia keep up to date with information in regards to Autism, which was very important to me, as a now late diagnosed autistic woman. It was also clear, that empathy and understanding for clients is the main focus at Axia. The psychiatrist that assessed me was (insert name), who helped me to feel at ease and understood, through out the consultation, dispite my anxiety about the appointment. The whole experience has been affirming and life changing for me and I cannot thank Axia enough.”
Client – June 2022

“Jacqui, for the gift that diagnosis has given R. for their lifetime… thank you! and, for the warmth, grace, compassion and competence with which you conducted their assessment… thank you even more!
You have given them answers, that in time, I hope will feel like wings! All our thanks.”
Client – May 2022

“I could not be happier with the experience. I was given an appointment quickly after referral, plenty of information was provided, support was offered with the questionnaire, staff were very responsive and kind.
At my assessment, Linda and Estee made me feel comfortable, asked interesting questions and gave me lots of insight to reflect on. I received my report quickly and feel the report reflects me very well. Thank you so much, I feel a vital question has been answered and a load lifted from my shoulders. I will always be very grateful.”
Client – April 2022

“Thank you for recommending Axia! We went yesterday and saw Ren and Jacqui, and K was diagnosed 😄 Love how he said congratulations when he told us.
I’m so happy. From 15th January to her being diagnosed in just over 2 months!”
Client – March 2022

“Service was extremely accommodating and understanding of my social anxieties and my difficulties with communicating with people, they made every effort to help make my assessment as stress free as possible, I truly, truly cannot thank you enough for this.
You turned something I was dreading into quite a pleasant and relaxing conversation I genuinely enjoyed. The assessor even went as far as to reinterpret things I was struggling to understand using things I found comfort or joy in, which made them profoundly easier to comprehend.
I know I won’t ever speak to my assessor, Jacqui again but if whoever reads this knows her, please tell her [I am] eternally grateful for everything she did to make my assessment easier for me.”
Client – February 2022

“David made me feel very comfortable and seemed to understand me. Our common interest in synth music was a pleasant surprise too 🙂”
Client – January 2022

“I’m grateful that this service is available as it gives questioning individual’s peace of mind, a second opinion and, perhaps, a new lease of life.”
Client – November 2021

“Mary, who had assessed me, was lovely and is obviously very good at their job. I felt listened to and supported throughout the session and knew I could ask for help. I was able to take my time with answering questions without being rushed and allowed to skip hard questions until the end. I’m very grateful that I had someone assessing me who made me feel comfortable.”
Client – November 2021

“We are very pleased with the speed and the quality of the assessment.”
Client – October 2021

“I am ecstatic with the outcome and had a great time talking with David Reiser.”
Client – October 2021

“I just want to say thank you for helping me find out about a big part of myself. The knowledge of being autistic can now help steer me in the direction of things that can help me understand why things are the way they are for me and it will also help me understand things in future.”
Client – September 2021

“Very pleased with the assessment. My daughter was put at ease after being very worried. Glad we got some answers.”
Client – September 2021

“Thank you so much for all your help – Anna was very patient and professional. So much appreciated.”
Client – July 2021

“I was satisfied with the assessment procedure and I liked that I was provided with a description of how the meeting would unfold on the day. I was also relieved to see that the room was big and allowed social distance to be maintained during the meeting: I was very nervous about that. Overall, I think it was a good experience and I am glad I chose to have a face-to-face assessment.”
Client – June 2021

“Overall, a very positive experience after feeling like you have been second guessing yourself for so long. Very helpful on the phone and welcoming on the day – worked hard to make us feel comfortable.”
Client – June 2021

“Excellent service – I would recommend Axia to any parent going through the same situation as I was.”
Client – June 2021

“As a 40 year old female seeking an ASD diagnosis, I was very nervous ahead of my appointment. I needn’t have been.
Axia have been exemplary from start to finish. The front office were kind and helpful, and the doctor who assessed me was compassionate, patient, and seemed to know exactly how to speak to me in a way that I would understand, which was really appreciated. A diagnosis of autism can be life-changing, in many ways. My experience with Axia has been life-affirming. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Client – May 2021

“I cannot recommend this service enough. As girl receiving an autism diagnosis I was worried due to the differences in gender within Autism that I would have been disregarded because of my differences. However, I felt listened to and it was made clear that Axia are aware of the under-diagnosis of females within autism at the start of the online video assessment.
The report I received afterwards was brilliant as it was full with details making it much easier to explain to employers/family/friends when finding words is hard as an autistic person. I was allowed to talk as much as I wanted even if I ended off topic (which I tend to) and was gently brought back to the questions at hand. I felt very comfortable despite being very anxious due to anxiety.”
Client – May 2021

“We were very happy with the service we received. Communication was great throughout the process and plenty of information was provided beforehand. We luckily got a cancellation appointment so only had to wait just over a week.
David was very professional and really helped make my daughter and myself feel comfortable through the assessment. He was really friendly, helpful and easy to talk to which helped so much. The same for Hannah who joined the assessment. They were both amazing and really put my daughter’s needs first.
I have already recommended Axia and will continue to. The service was outstanding – thank you!”
Client – April 2021

“The service was excellent: as someone who’s previously worked in customer service I couldn’t think of anything that could have been done differently to make me feel safe, comfortable and informed throughout the whole process.”
Client – April 2021

“From the start, the service we have received has been phenomenal. From booking the appt, to the assessment, to the aftercare and report – I asked for a specific receipt in order to claim on private health cover and it was provided quickly, with all the details my insurance company needed. Above and beyond. I’m so grateful to you all.”
Client – April 2021

“We were impressed with how honest you were about the assessment and how you handled our son – we felt very special when we left. Thank you.”
Client – March 2021

“Sarah was amazing, really patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I have recommended your service a number of times now as I think coming to you was beneficial. The information Sarah provided was so good and I wish that your service provided ongoing support after the diagnosis.”
Client – March 2021

“It was great that the assessment could be carried out face to face, despite the circumstances.”
Client – February 2021

“Axia ASD are incredible. We completed all of the forms, which were very good at getting to important points. From the word go David was excellent, knowledgeable and courteous. Our daughter was allowed to be free and to display her reported traits. David and his colleague showed real interest in the reasons behind our daughter’s behaviour. All bases were covered and Autism was diagnosed. Linda really put our minds at ease. Axia were a pleasure to use.”
Client – January 2021

“I am very happy with the service I received from Axia. All of the random questions I have had have been answered promptly, my appointment scheduling process was smooth and the appointment itself was good – I felt comfortable and listened to.”
Client – January 2021

“The assessment process was really straightforward, efficient and everyone at Axia is so lovely and it instantly puts you at ease. David was so friendly and welcoming so that made me less anxious and able to explain the difficulties I have been experiencing.”
Client – January 2021

“As a family we found the day of the assessment professional, courteous and tailored to our daughter. Most importantly, it was incredibly positive, really focussing on boosting self confidence and enhancing self esteem.
We honestly cannot thank David enough for this. We left the assessment feeling proud, relieved and able to slot many things into place. Our daughter, we felt, really benefitted from an independent person actually acknowledging and giving utmost respect and credit to her many strengths. Post session the signposts were most comprehensive.”
Client – December 2020

“I was recommended Axia by a friend, they had not used the service themselves but are planning to do so in the near future. From start to finish Axia made everything so easy for us. It was fantastic that I could show my daughter photos of the rooms she would be using and also who would be assessing her.
On this occasion unfortunately the person we were meant to see was unavailable, so we were seen by Hannah, this was upsetting for my daughter at first as the routine had changed but Hannah dealt with it amazingly and won my daughter round very quickly.
We all felt at ease and listened to. I have raved about Axia for the last few months now, you certainly have changed our lives. My daughter is no proud to say she is Autistic. Dave was also amazing with us. Fantastic staff, who are highly recommended.”
Client – December 2020

“David Reiser and Sarah Chierico were warm and friendly and the whole experience has been so positive for our family. We are very happy with the thoroughly professional and compassionate report.”
Client – December 2020

“The service provided by Axia was excellent. My daughter and I felt very comfortable in the environment and most welcomed. The assessment was very relaxed and met my daughter’s needs.”
Client – December 2020

“I liked that the lights weren’t too bright in the consulting room and the room was a good size. The experience was very helpful and it helped to point out things that I wouldn’t have noticed on my own – like the ways other people think. Thank you to Kieran and Sarah for all your help – it has been truly appreciated.”
Client – November 2020

“I cannot fault the professionalism and service. It was a welcome relief after experiencing a lack of support.”
Client – November 2020

“Sarah Chierico was lovely, very easy to talk to. I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect from the assessment, but Sarah explained everything really well and helped me to feel comfortable and at ease. Getting a diagnosis has been more of an emotional rollercoaster than I expected but it has helped me to answer questions and understand myself a little better as well as helping me to get support and understanding from my university tutors. Overall it has been a very positive experience. Thank you, Sarah.”
Client – November 2020

“For an analogy, I would say that receiving an Autism diagnosis, as an adult, is like discovering the Rosetta stone: upon discovery, you think, ‘well, this is all very interesting, but I don’t quite know what to make of it’; however, you begin to use the diagnosis as an interpretational tool to navigate through societal interactions – to reconcile the differences between contrastive logic and reasoning of societal norms and yourself – instead of becoming frustrated with yourself and others; It makes abnormal, normal.
Thank you Axia, for all of your efforts with particular regard to David Reiser for making me feel ‘normal’.”
Client – September 2020

“Everything from start to finish was very fast, which was great. Sarah Hendrickx carried out my assessment and made me feel at ease straight away. It was like talking to an old friend, who was funny and insightful. I felt able to share openly with her, which I usually really struggle to do with professionals. The report is extremely detailed and helpful for both me and my husband to understand my diversity! Thank you.”
Client – September 2020

“Cannot thank you enough for all the help we received. It was reassuring knowing that we, as parents, were listened to and supported by your service.”
Client – August 2020

“Sheena Mansell was excellent in supporting and doing the assessment. I have recommended your service to local friends already.”
Client – August 2020

“David Reiser was an extremely knowledgeable and patient consultant. The experience was a very positive one for us all. We can’t thank you enough.”
Client – August 2020

“Fantastic and caring service from all staff involved from the start of booking the appointment to the end. David Reiser and Linda are approachable, child friendly and ever so caring. The list of positives is endless!”
Client – August 2020

“The service we received from start to finish was very fast and brilliant. The reception staff were very understanding and helpful. Sarah Hendrickx was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable explaining everything to her. It felt really nice to have someone who understood me well. Overall experience was fantastic and satisfying. Thank you.”
Client – August 2020

“I felt that a weight had been lifted off my back. I have found out what I have now so I can help myself because I know what to do now.”
Client – August 2020

“I found your service to be clear, prompt and most importantly, kind and respectful. I spoke to Elspeth as my clinician and she was so easy to talk to and was incredibly personable. I was so nervous about my appointment but all of those fears dissipated within minutes of speaking to her. On top of this, all of the Admin team I communicated with were lovely. A really wonderful team – thank you so much for everything you have done for me.”
Client – August 2020

“My daughter felt so comfortable with the staff and really opened up – not something she does often. They were so friendly and accommodating and there wasn’t the feeling of being rushed. Thank you!”
Client – August 2020

“Please pass on our deepest thanks for your support and professionalism. We spent 18 months solid trying against the system to get our daughter the diagnosis and support she desperately needs. Thanks to Axia, she has the diagnosis and hopefully the start of the appropriate support.”
Client – July 2020

“Please forward on my thanks to Elspeth for my assessment – she was absolutely amazing to speak to and made me feel so at ease! Finding out that I have Autism is going to be an absolute game changer for me now with getting proper support!”
Client – July 2020

“I found the service with Axia very accessible and supportive.”
Client – July 2020

“Anna was the best therapist we could have hoped to see. We both found her to be kind, welcoming, professional and likeable.”
Client – July 2020

“Really good experience. Friendly, informative and really nice people.”
Client – June 2020

“The service was very positive and respectful. No problems.”
Client – June 2020

“We would highly recommend your service to other families. Right from our initial enquiry everyone was so friendly and supportive. The assessment was carried out by David, who immediately put my daughter at ease and helped us to relax and answer the questions more easily. The advice from both David and Linda was so informative and reassuring. It was helpful to be given some tips to help my daughter whilst she is still in college and in preparation for university.”
Client – June 2020

“An excellent service.”
Client – June 2020

“I cannot fault your service and we are truly grateful as a family for all of your help.”
Client – May 2020

“I would really recommend Axia to anyone as a place to have an assessment. Unlike many other places that I tried I was listened to, understood and respected. The administration staff were really prompt / helpful and friendly and I was put at ease during my assessment. Sarah allowed me to explain why I felt like I was on the spectrum (with the help of the questionnaire, which really helped me to focus on key areas from my past and present), any other professional I had talked to in the past talked over me and diagnosed me before I had said anything, which was a real relief to be able to do. I’m really grateful to her and the team for being so kind to me and so professional.”
Client – May 2020

“An all round excellent service; clearly explained everything from the onset, which turned something that could have been daunting, confusing and frightening into a much more positive and affirming experience. Also, far more reasonably priced than some more local services [to me] with much shorter waiting times. Highly recommendable.”
Client – May 2020

“The communication from the Admin Team was really great – prompt and very helpful, thank you.”
Client – April 2020

“I had my assessment with Sarah; it was a really lovely experience and I did end up being diagnosed, which wasn’t a surprise to me. Thank you so much for a great service. Axia have made the process so easy and reassuring.”
Client – January 2020

“Thank you so much. We felt welcome and were put at ease during what could have been a potentially difficult experience.”
Client – January 2020

“We are so pleased with your service and quick diagnosis. You are all extremely welcoming and we felt completely at ease. We can’t thank you enough!”
Client – January 2020

“You made me feel welcome and comfortable.”
Client – December 2019

“I was so impressed with the service we received. We were immediately put at ease.”
Client – December 2019

“I came to see David with my son; he was very friendly and professional. He put myself and my son at ease. Thank you for all your help.”
Client – December 2019

“On the day of the assessment my son’s health condition was very bad. He did not want to see or talk to anybody. Despite this, David Reiser and Dr Linda Buchan found the way to talk to him and engage him.”
Client – November 2019

“Thank you for being so kind and respectful during the assessment – it made it much easier. Thank you for everything and my son loves the books!”
Client – November 2019

“Linda and Elspeth were fantastic with my son and I think they both deserve a medal.”
Client – October 2019

“Thank you for your help in providing me with answers to questions I’ve had for most of my life.”
Client – October 2019

“I’ve found this assessment an interesting experience. I’ve felt like I’ve been finally listened to.”
Client – October 2019

“Just wanted to check in following my appointment with Sarah yesterday. I finally have my diagnosis! After all this time, I can’t quite believe it, it all seems a bit surreal. Finally!
I also wanted to message to thank you for all your help throughout this process. You’ve made everything so easy and always been so willing to help with any questions or queries. It has been such a positive experience and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support.
Thank you!”
Client – September 2019

“Thank you. The day was challenging but your support eased us through.”
Client – August 2019

“My husband felt really comfortable and this was the first time a medical professional made him feel ‘normal’. He’s starting to come to terms now and understand how he can make his own life easier. Thank you so much.”
Client – August 2019

“I was very impressed with the waiting time as I know in some regions people wait for years. I found that my nerves and anxiety calmed when I met Sarah as she was very easy to talk to and open up to. I was very impressed with the whole service from start to finish and I feel very lucky to have been referred to yourselves. It was all very positive. I think it is excellent that you hold the Post Diagnostic Support Group. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Many thanks to Sarah for allowing me to be myself, feel understood and listened to.”
Client – June 2019

“Thank you so much for your excellent service. You have finally proved us right and now my daughter is getting the help that she needs. The whole experience with yourselves was so completely different to what we had experienced previously; quite simply, we were listened to.”
Client – May 2019

“Overall, I felt the assessment with David was a wonderful experience and I think families should be made more aware of the benefits of them attending the assessment as it can be enlightening for them.”
Client – April 2019

“Thank you again for the fantastic service you provided.”
Client – April 2019

“We cannot thank you enough and we always pass on your details to others in similar situations. Many thanks again.”
Client – April 2019

“Many, many thanks again for being amazing! Everything about the appointment was great.”
Client – March 2019

“We were so pleased with our appointment – finally talking to professionals who really understand and can see in our son what we can see. Thank you.”
Client – March 2019

“There’s a lot of big names quoted in this book so to be next to them is pretty insane and makes it feel like my time and effort to the channel is paying off. Honestly man thanks a lot it’s truly insane to me to have something like this done for such a little guy in the YT world.”
A.H. Brandon – March 2019

“Thank you for listening to us and involving our daughter in her assessment in such a wonderful way. She really enjoyed the appointment and we were relieved to finally have a diagnosis.”
Client – January 2019

“I would just like to thank Elspeth Bromiley and the whole team for their understanding. I felt very comfortable at all times during my son’s assessment. You have given our family an understanding – I am positive that with guidance and support our son will learn to cope and manage better. Thank you!”
Client – January 2019

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything Sarah: for helping me to fell as comfortable as possible. It was wonderful to talk with someone who understands my life so well.”
Client – January 2019

“I would recommend your service to anyone. Very professional within a relaxed, non-judgemental approach/atmosphere.”
Client – December 2018
“I cannot thank you enough for the respectful and professional way in which you dealt with my son, myself and my mother and children who accompanied us for our appointment with David. We felt that we were listened to and that my son’s difficulties were understood completely. The acknowledgement of his needs was a refreshing change and my son now places greater value on his special abilities rather than feeling negative about his diagnosis.
The change in his outlook since his assessment has been quite remarkable.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Client – December 2018

“I would like to thank you for being very professional, yet caring and understanding, during the assessment. Also for a quick appointment and an in-depth report.”
Client – November 2018

“For the first time we felt that someone actually listened, understood and had knowledge regarding our child. Thank you Axia.”
Client – November 2018

“Excellent all round service. We felt listened to and, as a family, are grateful we found your service. We would highly recommend you to anyone needed help with an Autistic child. Thank you.”
Client – November 2018

“The assessment was one of the few times we felt properly listened to. Our previous appointments left us surprised that our experience of our son’s behaviour difficulties were valued and given weight – this has been noticeably lacking in the past. Thank you.”
Client – October 2018

“Sarah was wonderful; I felt completely at home and comfortable. It was as valuable to spend that time with her and understand myself and everything so much better s it was to get the diagnosis. Thank you.”
Client – October 2018

“We were happy with the service we received. David was very good at listening to my son and reflecting back what he had said to clarify he had heard and understood him correctly. We couldn’t fault your service. Thank you.”
Client – October 2018

“I was pleased with the way my son’s diagnosis was stated as a celebration, not something to be ashamed of. The psychologist turned to my son and said, ‘Congratulations – you’re Autistic!’ A brilliant way of putting it through.
Using your service has given us the answers we were unable to gain elsewhere. It has meant a lot to our son to know that he is not ‘odd’ and we have been able to have lots of discussions following our appointment based on what he finds difficult and where his strengths are. Thank you!”
Client – September 2018

“Thank you Sarah
You have changed my life”
Client – August 2018

“The sign posting is excellent. Post Diagnostic Support is available and is good. The appointment was calm and friendly.”
Client – August 2018

“I would like to express my thanks to David and Linda. They saw me and my son last Monday. Not only do they have a deep understanding of Autism but also showed both myself and my son compassion and understanding. David was able to see around his ability to mask and get to the bottom of his vague answers.
They both showed him all the positivity associated with his diagnosis and showed me understanding when I expressed the difficulties I have experienced. The whole process could not have been more positive!”
Client – August 2018

“Very Positive – son was relatively unphased and you felt like you were listened to. No judgement, no feeling like I’m here to persuade you. Good, honest interaction, direct feedback, timely report. Thank You – have already recommended two friends who have been to you and will continue to do so”
Client – June 2018

“Everyone was very helpful and the appointment with Sarah Hendrickx was very comfortable. I wouldn’t change anything.”
Client – June 2018

“Sarah, both in terms of rapport and also the insight she shared with me, has helped me to see things more clearly. It is this kind of education and understanding I was seeking out. Also, the recommendation of Gauss was an excellent one! I’m reading her CBT book and the detail in it does mean I am finding more things that apply and help me see some of my differences.”
Client – June 2018

“Fantastic Service! Thank you for listening to us and understanding X.”
Private Client – May 2018

“The staff were all really nice and I would like to say a big thank you to Elspeth Bromiley for listening to us and helping us to get the answer we need. Thank you.”
Client – April 2018

“A very professional service from all involved with Axia”
Eastern Cheshire Client – April 2018

“Would recommend your services to anyone. Very professional within a relaxed non-judgemental approach/atmosphere”
Private Client – April 2018

“Overall I found this to be a very positive experience. Sarah Hendrickx was very professional and put me at ease.”
Client – March 2018

“Sarah was wonderful, I felt completely at home and comfortable. It was as valuable to spend that time with her and understand myself and everything so much better as it was to get the diagnosis. Thank you.”
Client – March 2018

“I can’t thank David and Linda enough for what they have done for Joe and for listening to us and believing us. I think that it is down to their knowledge and professionalism that X’s life now and future prospects have been transformed.”
Client – March 2018

“Me and X would like to thank Mr David Reiser for assessing Y. Myself and X were very, very pleased how Mr Reiser was with us all and how Mr reiser spoke to Y and how he made us all feel at ease. We did say we had wished that Mr Reiser assessed Y earlier on in Y’s life as this would have been sorted as the knowledge/skills were amazing. Myself and X think you have a very compassionate, highly trained therapist with Mr Reiser and we both feel he is a credit to families like ourselves. We both came out of the consultation feeling that we had achieved something and the advice that Mr Reiser had given us was more helpful in those 2 and a half hours than what we have been told for the last 9 years.
Mr Reiser is a credit to this company and I hope that this message will get to him as he deserves this.
Again, we would like to thank him again for his support/kindness and non-judgement.
All the best to you in your future and thank you again.”
Client – February 2018

“I felt extremely listened to and understood. It was a pleasant experience, quick appointment. Mr Reiser was really understanding, patient and explained things really well. Thank you for changing my life for the better.”
Client – February 2018

“We were happy with the service we received. David was very good at listening to m son and reflecting back what he said to clarify he heard and understood him correctly. We couldn’t fault you service. Thank you.”
Client – February 2018

“Well simple way to say it is for my son you’re a life saver now we know what is wrong and how to help him. His life would be severely affected without your help.
North Wales Client – January 2018

“I found the service gave us helpful and understanding answers. I also found they treated with respect and dignity that others seem to lack. Our daughter was listened to not ignored, and talked to and not at.”
Client – January 2018

“Extremely helpful, understanding, warm and easy environment. All staff very friendly and my children enjoyed their appointment.”
North Wales client – January 2018

“Our experience of Axia ASD Ltd has been extremely positive from start to finish. The assessment was such a positive experience especially for our daughter. At no point did she feel that her being ASD was in anyway a negative thing.”
Client – January 2018

“Was a pleasure to be seen by very knowledgeable people, knew their job well, felt very supported, report was above what we expected. Overall a first class quality service.
Thank you.”
Client – January 2018

“I just wanted to message to say thankyou to the two ladies and the speech therapist who saw me and my son yesterday. They really couldn’t have been more helpful, understanding and knowledgeable.
I wish all ‘professionals’ were like the staff there.
Thankyou so much again.”
North Wales Client – October 2017

“We were running late (super stressful for me), I phoned to forewarn and apologies – fantastic reception staff did his all to put me at ease (sorry don’t remember his name, I was too stressed to take it in). I had to ring back again (stuck in yet more traffic), again he was fab. Next time I had to get my husband to call as I just couldn’t bear the embarrasment, again the receptionist was kind. I could have thrown up by the time we eventually got there (2 hours late – I hate being late and was extremely conscious of the fact we were wasting very valuable people’s time).
David was just so fabulously REASSURING and made me feel almost instantly forgiven and RELAXED. He was very respectful with all of us (family of 4) and I was particularly impressed by the way he engaged with and listened to our children, treating them with whole respect (as it should be but often isn’t). We all felt able to talk absolutely freely to David, which is no mean feat given our ‘oddness’ (!) more so after such a hideously late arrival with stress levels through the roof (mostly mum, but it has a ripple effect).
Really, truly GREAT service – THANK YOU so much (and so sorry for being so very late!!).”
Private Client – October 2017

“My son was assessed by David Reiser who was amazing, made us feel comfortable, didn’t rush us, listened to everything we said. Thanks David (quality member of staff).”
North Wales Client – October 2017

“Brilliant service, very knowledgeable clinicians. Would recommend to anyone looking for a similar service.”
Private Client – October 2017

“A big big thanks to Linda Buchan and her team for their support, understanding, care and consideration through the diagnostic process, I would recommend Axia to anyone, especially people like me seeking retrospective acknowledgement, you would be in very safe hands
I was 53 when I was eventually diagnosed at Axia by Linda Buchan, so this represented the end of a very long journey, and as it transpires a start of a new one. I have to tell anyone who is in two minds, even at 53 it is worth it! I didn’t really think it would make any real difference to my life, it was a case of having acknowledgement, but I have to tell you it gave me so much more!
I had questioned the benefits of a formal diagnosis, my worst fear was being outed as a fraud, that my feelings and beliefs would be dismissed. Going into the assessment I was feeling so stressed it made me wonder why I even started the process, filling in the development history questions for my assessment had been really difficult for me, as it made me have to focus on my deficits rather than my assets, which for self-preservation I never do.
I was worried that the mechanisms I had adopted over the years to make a relative success of my life would mask my Asperger peculiarities, but Linda was supportive and understanding, she was able to see through the camouflage and recognise the underlying condition.
I have to thank Linda Buchan and her team for the support I received, Carly for listening to me on many occasion through the long fight with CCG, to fund my assessment at Axia under my right to Patient choice. Her patience when I became tongue tied from the stress, and the phone call from Carly when the email eventually landed to confirm funding!
So how has the diagnosis enhanced my life? It has given me more confidence to celebrate the assets of my Asperger’s I have stopped being an apologist for what makes me ME, I no longer beat myself up for my stress induced idiosyncrasies, or my need for my own space. It has given me a new found appreciation for the benefits that Asperger’s brings, and has left me with overall a positive outlook where I no longer feel a fraud.
This doesn’t mean my difficulty in crowds or supermarkets has changed, or my need to create protocols for situations without rules. I still have to manage social situations, still pace while thinking and I am still prone to overthinking and anxiety, but in terms of making sense of my life, the formal recognition of something I had lived with for years has created a metamorphosis, where I have emerged with a renewed positive outlook.
I am not plagued with the same level of self-doubt I experienced prior to my diagnosis, I have stopped viewing my social differences as weakness or deficits just differences, part of a condition, this new self-categorisation has altered my view, setting my horizons to what my Asperger’s offers me, and on balance it more benefits than deficits, and I have decided like who I am including my idiosyncrasies.
Thank you so much Linda, I am pleased I decided to pursue a diagnosis with Axia, I hadn’t anticipated the positive benefit of formal acknowledgement, it has made sense of my past and set aside the uncertainty, offering reason for my actions and reactions throughout my life, adding a renewed logic to life …many thanks”
Client from Doncaster, South Yorkshire – September 2017

“As we have been fighting for X to get a diagnosis for 10 years I now have a legal backing to get her the educational support she deserves. I found the assessment eye opening, it gave me a glimpse of X’s inner world, understanding the impact on her will enable me as a parent to understand the affects. Though heartbreaking this gives us all a platform to draw together. Thank you.”
Client – September 2017

“As a parent I as very apprehensive about the whole experience and process. Linda was fantastic and put my family and I at ease straightaway. We found it an almost enjoyable experience not at all what we expected. Linda kept the appointment relaxed and made you feel you were chatting to a friend which made us all feel relaxed.
Thank you for all your help and guidance.”
From a North Wales client – September 2017

“Very thorough, polite and helpful.”
From a Salford client – September 2017

“Fantastic service, polite, informative and clear. Thank you.”
From a North Wales client – August 2017

“I was impressed by the calm atmosphere and professionalism I experienced throughout my interview. I received my appointment quicker than anticipated. The consulting room couldn’t have suited my tastes more (I am a colour purple fan). I received my report within the expected time frame. I would highly recommend your service.”
From an Eastern Cheshire client – August 2017

“I really enjoyed this months PDSG meeting. Sarah’s talk was captivating, humorous and real.
I wish I could have videoed it so that my whole family could have reaped the benefit.
I felt so engaged with what Sarah said; and that it was totally ok to just be me. No more trying to fit the ideals of others.
Of course, as soon as I’m back on home turf, it’s not so easy, but still, to have had the benefit of Sarah’s talk is wonderful.
I’m looking forward to reading one of her books that I have borrowed from Axia.
Many thanks for a super meeting.”
Helen – Client, August 2017

“Thank you for believing in me and giving me the diagnosis. I can now live my life knowing that it is alright to be wired differently. Onwards and upwards. Thank you for posting out such a detailed report and enclosing the websites, etc. Linda has changed my life.”
Vale Royal Client – August 2017

“The assessment was very professional, well organised and thorough. I informed our GP of the high level of service we had received from Axia.”
NHS Vale Royal CCG client – August 2017

“To All at Axia, thank you for providing such a great service which continues to support me to reach heights I would never have thought I would reach.  I am beyond grateful to you all.”
Client – July 2017

“AXIA-ASD is a very good option for a neurological assessment if you are a self-suspecting adult. I’m actually over 60 and live a very long distance abroad from Saltney. I was allowed a lot of space to present my case, and treated in a most empathetic and constructive manner. I only wish I couldn’t visit Red Hill House more often – but it’s not possible at this great distance. So I intend to keep in touch with the team by electronic means. A service like this is very conducive to a much happier long-term outlook.”
Non EU Client – June 2017

“I would just like to say a big Thank You to David (Reiser) for being so understanding with X and listening and answering all our questions. He also made us understand more about the condition X has. David made us both at ease from the moment we met him and that is not easy for X. I was so glad that somebody finally took the time to listen to us and just not put it down to X being a bad boy like schools. It is a big weight of my shoulders and we can understand and help X more now he has been diagnosed. Thank you for seeing us and most of all listening.”
Client – June 2017

“Found the whole process very positive and helpful. I’m pleased I decided to get a diagnosis and really glad I chose Axia ASD Ltd. I feel I’ve got a better understanding of myself.”
Client – June 2017

“Axia has made a huge difference to our lives and we are all in a much better place for it. Thank heaven our supportive and informed GP recommended it, because we were definitely at crisis point as a family before we were referred.

We have been able (with Elliot’s permission) to participate in Elliot’s sessions with Elspeth, this has helped us to understand his needs far better. Elspeth also writes to us after each session to summarise what was discussed and what actions we have agreed. This has been really powerful in helping us to reflect on Elliot’s progress over the months.

Attending the Post-Diagnostic Support group has also given me a much better understanding of Elliot’s needs and of the Autistic population generally (not that Autistic people can be categorised any more than anyone else) and I feel that I now have accepted that my son’s differences are not something that need to be fixed. We celebrate and support his different needs in a far more positive way and we have a range of strategies that we can fall back to if and when they are needed.

Linda and Elspeth have also gone above and beyond providing therapeutic support by inviting Elliot into a small VLOG group with other young people with similar interests and kindly provided a space for them to do this. This is a wonderful addition and Elliot has really enjoyed spending time with these other young people.

I wanted to say thank you to Linda and Elspeth for the extraordinary level of support and care they have provided not just to my son Elliot but also to our whole family, it has made a huge difference to all of us.”
Lynne – June 2017

“Glad to see a service that diagnoses following the NICE Guidelines and including parental and school evidence as paramount to making a diagnosis.  Thanks for the diagnosis it has reduced a huge amount of stress on our family and our son can now access the right support and schools.”
Client – May 2017

“I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I feel as if i have a different outlook and can breathe almost.
Being able to start again with my strengths, like running with a herd of antelope and i am just a reindeer.”
Client – March 2017

“I am writing to thank you for your highly professional service.
Your highly professional attitude was clear from the outset.  I was very pleased with how you initially greeted me.  Throughout the consultation you demonstrated to me a very warm, kind and empathetic approach.  This made me feel comfortable and enabled me to relax into the situation.  This was the first time that I had been spoken to like this.
It was a pleasure to receive your detailed assessment report.  After reading through the report I have gained a much clearer understanding about my behaviours.  Thank you for providing me with the closure that I needed.  I now feel as though I can move forwards with my life.”
Client – June 2016

“I have much experience of diagnosis and treatment by other psychologists and allied professionals and I’ve found Dr Buchan by far the most understanding, kind, helpful and considerate of all of them. She strikes me as a particularly insightful psychologist who makes her patients feel at ease and treats them as equal human beings who happen to have a neurodevelopmental difference.
Dr Buchan is approachable and friendly while remaining professional and both she and her team remain helpful and approachable after diagnosis; I have since my diagnosis had contact with Dr Buchan and her PA Carly Bailey several times and they have been friendly and of assistance always.”
Client – April 2016

“It was the most informative session we have had to date and the first where X’s complexities have been recognised and understood. Cannot recommend you highly enough.”
– April 2015

“Words cannot properly describe how wonderful Dr Buchan was to me. So kind, helpful, patient and to be given such clear diagnosis and also about not being well for work yet and explaining what happened, that I ran out of copability. It was such a deep and true relief. The place itself was really lovely. The room spacious yet kind of cosy and the receptionsts helpful and friendly. Thank you everyone.”
– December 2014

“I can still vividly recall the first meeting we had with you. You were carrying a great big file, didn’t look the best organised file either. It was not an ‘Oh here comes God’ entrance. I’m the expert. I’ll listen to you but I’ll know the answer anyway. I felt as though you were meeting us where we were at. The approach was humble and totally disarming. You listened intently and asked very down to earth questions. You hardly took your eyes off X or us but it was not intimidating. And then you gave us your thoughts and it was like a breath of fresh air. We finally had the correct diagnosis.
I contacted Carly in desperation and a same day phone call I believe was arranged. I recall the letters you have written for us. I recall Carly took messages whilst on holiday. I recall how she said to you once I think you better look at this when I had written and was so desperate.
I have trust not only in you Linda but with Carly too.”
– September 2014

“Huge congratualtions Carly. I am blessed to have discovered you and the wonderful service you provide. Best wishes for your continued success. S”
– September 2014

“I’m sorry I have been meaning to send a thank you card since our visit to you in February, but life is very hectic. After enquiring about follow up treatments for E it made me take time to sit and write this. I’m not sure we will make it to you in Chester again, but if we only ever make the one visit, it has made an enormous difference to our sons life. It has given him an identity, and he summed it up by telling us only a few weeks ago that he felt like he was born when he came to Chester. He now confidently tells people about his Aspergers, and on difficult days he now has a reason to help him understand and not that E is stupid which we know he definitely isn’t. So just a big thank you for the care and understanding and respect you both showed to us all.”

“Linda has not only saved my marriage but I believe she has also saved my husband’s life as I’m sure he would have ended his life without Linda’s support. For this, we will both be forever grateful.”
– CLIENT’S WIFE 15/11/2011

“My husband trusts Linda fully and has refused to see any other professional – no matter how far we have to travel to see her. For me, as a wife of somebody with Aspergers, our consultations with Linda are the only time that I see my husband discussing his feelings openly. It is always a very emotional time for both of us and, although it is very difficult for my husband, I leave the consultations feeling so much closer to him.

“Linda diagnosed my husband with Aspergers and Dyspraxia. She supported both of us through the diagnosis and the realization of what this meant to my husband and to us as a couple. She has helped us to work through issues that have arisen – fully understanding both of our difficulties and explaining to us individually how the other person feels.”

“If I may explain briefly what our lives were like before referral to Linda and the subsequent diagnosis. My husband had gone missing 9 times in four years for periods of up to 3 weeks, he was suicidal, presented into A&E on a number of occasions and was admitted to the local mental health unit. The Consultant Psychiatrist stated that my husband could not have Aspergers because he could make eye contact with him. Our marriage was at breaking point and family life for our young son was non existent.”

“Linda provided me with supervision during an 18-month clinical training placement, during which time my needs as a trainee inevitably changed and evolved. I was really struck with Linda’s capacity to note this and adapt her supervisiory style accordingly, enabling me to grow in confidence and autonomy as a practitioner. I really valued her openness to negotiate parameters around our contact that complimented my professional stance and the skilful way in which she introduced new thinking and challenged me to develop as a consequence. I have benefited greatly from her interpersonal style as a supervisor, as well as her extensive knowledge and clinical experience, and would happily recommend her to colleagues.”

“I have been supervised by Dr Linda Buchan both as a trainee and Clinical psychologist. Linda’s supervision is always thoughtful and supportive where the needs of the client are paramount. Linda also allowed me to grow and develop my clinical skills in a safe and trusting supervisory relationship. I felt very lucky to have worked with such a wonderful supervisor and colleague and would recommend her to anyone.”

“Dr Buchan was very easy to talk to and we feel we benefited not only from her vast clinical experience but also her personal experiences.”

“Having a diagnosis has helped me to make sense of my life; what has happened in the past and how having Asperger syndrome affects my life on a daily basis. The diagnostic process itself was handled in a very sensitive manner and was clearly communicated to me so that I knew what to expect. One of the major aspects for me, was I felt like I was being taken seriously, that I was believed. Linda used her expertise, but also considered what I had to say as important, not only as a part of the process, but in making me feel valued as a human being.”

“When I first considered going for a diagnosis I knew I would only trust one person do assess me, and that one person was Linda. She is one of the very few people in the field of autism/Asperger syndrome that I have found to be trustworthy, and her communication style and demeanour is respectful, honest, non-patronising and – the highest compliment of all – very AS-friendly. The process itself was only bearable because of Linda’s attitude and excellent support; the positive outcome has eased my mind in a way that I suspect only others with AS would be able to appreciate – and my heartfelt thanks go to Linda who has enabled me to more fully understand who I am.”

“Thank you for meeting with us recently and for assessing X. Thank you especially for the kindness and understanding you showed to X and our family, particularly regarding the sensitive issues involved. Your report was excellent and your advice and suggestions really helped X to begin to understand herself.”

“Just want to say again a big thank you to both of you (Linda and Carly). You are so efficient and caring…I work in the NHS and often the wheels grind soooo slowly! Every step of X’s journey over the last year or so, you have both gone the extra mile, nothing has been too much trouble, and I massively appreciate your support.”

“Can I also pass on my thanks to Dr Buchan? X clearly felt listened to, understood, valued and encouraged by his interview.”

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