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Any Questions for Dr Luke Beardon?

Our good friend and colleague, Dr Luke Beardon, is kindly going to do an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A at our next Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting on 10th July at Chester Race Course. We are giving people as much time as

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May PDSG Presentation – “Reasonable Adjustments” with Renwick Bromiley

Many thanks to Ren, a Neurodevelopmental Diagnostician and Anime Amigo here at Axia, who provided us with an excellent presentation at our PDSG last Wednesday, which contained some great examples and practical suggestions on “Reasonable Adjustments”. The last slide of

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April PDSG Presentation – “Living Your Best Autistic Life” with Jess Hendrickx

A big thank you to Jess Hendrickx who joined us virtually on Wednesday for our Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting. The topic of the presentation was “Living Your Best Autistic Life”. During the presentation and in the discussion afterwards, “Maslow’s Hierarchy

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March PDSG Presentation with Pierre Novellie

We were very grateful to have Pierre Novellie join us for the Axia Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting on 6th March. Pierre is an award winning stand-up comedian, as well as a writer, radio host and podcaster. He discussed his own

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January PDSG Presentation with Ren Bromiley and Dr Linda Buchan

Welcome to our first Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting of the year presentation, which was held on Wednesday 24th January. Ren did a really good update on his previous talk discussing his insights into autism in relation to mental health environments.

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What Works for Autistic Adults – Book Review

“What Works for Autistic Adults” by Dr. Luke Beardon Published by Sheldon Press I feel I should declare a bias before starting this review. I have met Luke on a number of occasions, and some of these meetings have had

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Axia PDSG Dates for 2024

Axia’s Post-Diagnostic Support Group Dates for 2024 Wednesday 24th January 2024 Wednesday 6th March 2024 Wednesday 17th April 2024 Wednesday 29th May 2024 Wednesday 10th July 2024 Wednesday 21st August 2024 Wednesday 2nd October 2024 Wednesday 13th November 2024 Wednesday

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December PDSG Presentation with Linda, Elliot & Calvin

Our final Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting of the year was held on Wednesday 13th December. It was slightly less formal than usual, with Linda inviting us to think of various scenarios and emotions we may experience over the seasonal festivities,

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Axia’s PDSG Wins “Support Group of the Year” Award!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that our Post-Diagnostic Support Group won 1st place in the Anna Kennedy Online “Autism Hero Awards” 2023! Dr Linda Buchan was also recognised for her “Outstanding Achievement” in the “Lifetime Award”. The event was

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November PDSG Presentation with Jess Hendrickx

We were very grateful to have Jess Hendrickx join us for the Axia Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting on 1st November, which was a discussion titled “Autism… What Has Food Got To Do With it?!”. For those of you who couldn’t

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Axia are Finalists in “Autism Hero Awards” 2023

We are absolutely delighted to announce, that Axia have received notification of two nominations from the Anna Kennedy Online Autism Hero Awards, in 2 categories – the “Support Group of the Year Award”, and Dr Buchan for the “Lifetime Award”,

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September PDSG Presentation with Linda Buchan & Guests

The Axia Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting on 20th September 2023 was hosted by Linda Buchan, with guest speakers Dream and Helen talking about adapting to the autism diagnosis, prior to Linda discussing the “Transition Curve”. In the second half we

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The Autism Wellbeing Project

During our Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting yesterday, we were given a brief talk by Emma, a Director of The Autism Wellbeing Project. They are a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting autistic adults in Halton and the surrounding areas. As a

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August PDSG Presentation with Jacqui Brett

Many thanks to our guest speaker at yesterdays Post-Diagnostic Support Group, Jacqui Brett. Jacqui’s presentation was based around “Sensory Processing Across the Lifespan”. The Q&A session after the break was very interactive and interesting to hear others experiences and perspectives.

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Axia’s 25th Anniversary Celebration – Presentations

For those of you who were unable to attend the absolutely wonderful day we had last Friday, celebrating Axia’s 25th Anniversary with Guest Speakers Luke Beardon and Sarah Hendrickx, the presentations were recorded so that they could be shared. Dr

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June PDSG Presentation with Esme Hayes

Many thanks to Esme Hayes, our guest speaker at Wednesday’s Post-Diagnostic Support Group. The presentation was based around a literature search on the current thinking regards “Dissociation/Dissociative Identity Disorder”. This topic is extremely complex, and perhaps still a little controversial

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Axia Hybrid PDSG on 28th June

Hello everyone,  Our next Post Diagnostic Support Group Session is being held on Wednesday 28th June 2023 at our usual time, 12:00pm until 2:00pm.  This session is a Hybrid PDSG and will take place both in person at Chester Racecourse,

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May PDSG Presentation with Pete Wharmby

Many thanks to our guest speaker at Wednesday’s Post-Diagnostic Support Group, Pete Wharmby. Pete’s presentation was based around “The importance of Special Interests” in the Autistic community. The talk was quite interactive and very well received! For those unable to

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