November PDSG Presentation with Jess Hendrickx

We were very grateful to have Jess Hendrickx join us for the Axia Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting on 1st November, which was a discussion titled “Autism… What Has Food Got To Do With it?!”.

For those of you who couldn’t attend the PDSG, the presentation was recorded (excluding the Q&A) and is available to view bellow.

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6 comments on “November PDSG Presentation with Jess Hendrickx
  1. Corina Chladek says:

    I also like crunchy and also use my same Wooden bowl and wooden chopsticks (since I HATE metal in my mouth or the sound it makes on a plate) and have my same musgs, not using any other.
    And yes, since I am carnivore, that is pretty much the same every Day, no big fuss. No fixed times at all, when hungry I eat. Period.
    It is very free. Since I eat this way, I have no issues anymore. Very simple. And no cravings, since the body gets what it needs, feels satiated and never tired after a meal.

  2. Helen Jones says:

    I really enjoyed Jess’ s talk, she covered such a broad range of issues.
    It was both vindicating and thought provoking.
    Thank you so much Jess and Linda and all the team.
    I realise there were some technical issues at the beginning – well done to Dream, Joe, Amy and Jess for making it happen.

  3. Neil Morrey says:

    Unfortunately I was unable to attend the PDSG, but I do watch the presentations when they are posted. This was an excellent presentation which I could relate to in many areas. One example is crisps, if I buy a multi pack, it doesn’t matter whether it’s 6 packs or 24 packs, I’ll eat them all in one evening. I hadn’t associated this with the texture and the crunch, but now I think about it, it is, I crave the sensation.
    There was also an unanswered question on whether supermarkets turn off the bleeps at the tills during autism friendly hours, Morrisons do and I’m pretty sure Sainsbury’s do too.
    Thank you to all at Axia for continuing with the PDSG and making the presentations available to view.

  4. Senor says:

    Food and drink is about all the therapy I have ever had. (Alcohol not included. I still like it very occasionally, but it invariably leaves me feeling intensely lonely.) I don’t have many sensory and textural issues with food. My constant obsession is with only hot non-sweet drinks. I definitely endorse Jess’s idea of the myth of the dietary fix. That said, I mostly cope very well with my slightly difficult life because I enjoy the routine of plain, balanced food in sensible quantities at the right times of the day. Now I still get the constant daily cycle of rejection and acceptance every day after 6 years, but it always seems to be the next satisfactory meal that drives away the rejection phase.

  5. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks to everyone who has posted comments

  6. Elizabeth Anne Edwards says:

    Really enjoyed this. I love my yellow plastic bowl and green plastic spoons! I hate metal forks, peas and fresh tomatoes but LOVE tomato soup, sundried, sauces. It’s the horrid taste of fresh toms. I’m really health conscious, love calorie counting and same foods. Decision making and cooking is an issue for me. I just have a microwave and tend to eat food that needs little to no prep. I take vitamins to make up for what I know I’m lacking and I love to walk 10000 plus steps everyday otherwise I get irritated. I’m very restless and sleep is an issue.

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