December PDSG Presentation with Linda, Elliot & Calvin

Our final Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting of the year was held on Wednesday 13th December.

It was slightly less formal than usual, with Linda inviting us to think of various scenarios and emotions we may experience over the seasonal festivities, and after the break Calvin and Elliot discussing the importance of “Nerd Consultancy”, and offering advice on game purchases.

Two resources were suggested during Linda’s talk, and the links for these are:
Autism Tips For The Festive Season 
NAS – Preparing for Christmas: autism resources

For those of you who couldn’t attend the PDSG, the presentations were recorded (excluding some of the attendees responses in order to preserve anonymity) and is available to view bellow.

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3 comments on “December PDSG Presentation with Linda, Elliot & Calvin
  1. Senor says:

    Much appreciated! My biggest issue with festivals anywhere in the World is noise. And I live in a very noisy country; especially at New Year. Few of us really do Christmas here, but the sheer noisiness of this time of the year means that I usually retreat into my rather home alone existence, as I have done for most of the past 5 decades. (Perhaps a bit unusual for a person who used to be involved in DJing, sound systems, concerts and festivals); but I think that is pretty much why I abandoned that life back in the eighties. So it is stay at home alone, but pursuing some very absorbing DIY and some other obsessions; if the attention doesn’t wander too much. Happy Christmas & New Year to the entire fantastic Axia crew and your wonderful associates. Make sure you get the most out of your break! 🙂

  2. Senor says:

    Having just been watching a few more of Peter Santenello’s interesting vlogs on what would appear to be rather disparate groups in the modern-day US, I was left wondering if there wasn’t some room in modern-day UK society for establishing new communities in which neuro-divergent individuals and their associates could come together and share their combined resources. It also occurred to me that this is already a big part of what AXIA does. Happy New Year to you all! I suppose the above notion has arisen because there is now no place in the World I can really think of as home,even though I continue to look for ways for improving my sense of community, in what I consider to be a fairly non ideological manner.

  3. Linda Buchan says:

    Happy new year to you too

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