Axia’s 25th Anniversary Celebration – Presentations

For those of you who were unable to attend the absolutely wonderful day we had last Friday, celebrating Axia’s 25th Anniversary with Guest Speakers Luke Beardon and Sarah Hendrickx, the presentations were recorded so that they could be shared.

Dr Beardon’s presentation was both a reflection on 25 years of Axia, and a presentation of the recent research conducted by Sheffield University, which had a number of attendees of Axia’s Post-Diagnostic Support Group as Co-Researchers.

This was followed by a Zoom call from France by Sarah Hendrickx who talked about women and autism.

Then the Anime Amigos performed a “Live Podcast” which brought some light-hearted “comic relief” to the occasion.

Finally Linda rounded off the day describing the “Timeline” of Axia, where it’s evolved and where it’s retained its core values.

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3 comments on “Axia’s 25th Anniversary Celebration – Presentations
  1. Corina Chladek says:

    Just talked about this very afternoon to my Work-AUT Autism coach, who has supported me very much (exception where I live)
    Sarah Hendrickx on Female Autism – HER book made me see, that I was AUTISTIC. HER BOOK. Thanks to THAT book and the youtube presentation (the unforgettable line about the hand bag gene, I don’t have that one either) Thus I decided to go for a diagnosis…
    Finally I UNDERSTOOD WHY I struggled so hard in comparison to others. And yes, of course, I blamed myself, trying so hard to fit in, but as Donna Williams said in one of her videos, never able to actually deliver… The usual story.

  2. Corina Chladek says:

    Ha ha as for olives – I HATED the taste as a kid, absolutely repulsive. And yes for the animals. Horses were my friends. I would have LOVED to have a dog too, but it was forbidden by landlords. An animal friend would have been SO important, and NO fish will not do it. It is about connection. As for interest in serial killers, it is more about knowing what “bad” people do, psychopaths or narcissists – learning about these SPECIFIC patterns, so you can avoid it. It is just about human psychology. But also biology. How do animals react to threat. We do the very same, just more masked or socially appropriate, such as APPEASEMENT (masking) to be less of a “threat” to a “predator” You also want to understand YOURSELF, why you feel different, hence study of psychology/biology is just logical.

  3. Helen Jones says:

    I was so happy to have been able to attend this very special birthday celebration of Axia; it really was a privilege to listen to Luke, Sarah and especially to Linda.
    The live podcast by the Anime Amigos had to be seen – they are a fantastic foursome and the lively discussion and banter is pure therapy I think.
    I hope the short film gets shared, talked about etc, I think it’s a unique piece of work that can benefit so many people, both NT’s and ND’s – it’s literally for everyone.
    Many Happy Returns Dear Axia!

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