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Ronnie wrote to us through our Guest Submission Form requesting others opinions on a potential Axia Conference in 2018.

Thoughts and Suggestions for An Axia-ASD 2018 Conference

Forgot to mention at last weeks meeting, but if the group is interested in a 2018 Conference, please can you bring ideas in addition to my offer to give a Talk on my life with Aspergers Sydrome to the next meeting on 18th January at Crewe.
I would not be interested in giving such a Talk at Crewe Lifestyle Centre as the Venue would be to Small to fit many Profesionals. A Larger venue is required to fit both the Group and Proffesionals who my Talk is aimed at to hopefully promote a better understanding of Living with Aspergers Syndrome with hopefully strong support from the Group to help me through the Talk.
Once again if interested in a 2018 Conference please bring ideas to the meeting on 18th January, 2017.
Thank you Best Wishes.
Ronnie Hunt
Guest Contributor

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2 comments on “Conference 2018
  1. Martin John Reynolds says:

    Thanks Ronnie. I’d be interested in hearing from Dr Ian Davidson the new national autism champion. Can we book him? I like to hear about cutting edge research. Maybe invite Professor Simon Baron-Cohen or others. Maybe have a panel of experts to debate some autism related issues. There’s lots we could do I think!

    • ronnie says:

      Your welcome Martin and Thank you.
      I appreciate your support very much and your interesting ideas are very much welcome.
      Best wishes.

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