December Anime Amigos vlog announcement

December Anime Amigos vlog
(best of Fall 2017)

Our next Anime Amigo vlog will be on December 6th our consultant Calvin will be discussing his thoughts on the best anime of the summer season in order to pick our anime of the season

December 6th at 1 PM the following address:
Red Hill House
Hope Street

As well as that everyone attending will be asked their selection for the following catergories (and have a runner up on stand by to increase the variety of what we talk about minium 1 and now maximum 4 allowed)

  • Best OP
  • Best ED
  • Biggest surprise
  • Best Sequel
  • Best Original series
  • Most looking forward to in Winter

Note with the exception of Best ED and Best OP you must select only shows that premiered in the Fall 2017 season (October) and may not select any show carrying over from the Summer 2017 season or earlier so no picking shows Ellegant Yokai Apartments, Welcome to The Ballroom, Altair Records of Battle, ID-0 , One Piece, or Dragon Ball Super in that regard though we may end up discussing our thoughts on the conclusions/second half of the season of these.

Please leave a comment if you wish to be a part of it so we are aware of numbers to expect and once we start filming we won’t start again for late arrivals

Thank you for your hopeful participation
Calvin – Nerd Consultant

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