Inside Out – A Family Review

A Family Review of the Film “Inside Out”


I liked it when they got back to headquarters but I didn’t like it when Bing Bong faded away. I liked when sadness made Joy drag her around the library. I think the message of the film is don’t throw any of your emotions away and never run away. Don’t let your anger, fear or disgust take over.


it is a good film because it’s a good entertainment for little children however it gets sad at times which is a good thing as it shows a variety of different emotions in the film. Furthermore the film teaches you to use all of your emotions and not just one because it is good to have a variety of different emotions. Make sure all emotions don’t get the best of you because you have different personalities.


I really enjoyed this film. I particularly liked how it separated the emotions and explained them to the audience. It was very sad at times but definitely grips you too. I would recommend this as a film to watch as a family.
Carly, Madalyn & Ashton
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