May Anime Amigos vlog

May Anime Amigos vlog
(Mobile Suit Gundam)

Our next Anime Amigo vlog will be on May 31st our consultant Calvin with co host Reece, along with returners Ren and Elliot will be discussing our thoughts on all things Gundam as well as other recent topics

May 31st at 2 PM the following address:

Red Hill House
Hope Street

As well as that everone attending will be discussing

  • Our thoughts on Fairy Tail Manga ending
  • What Elliot’s been watching (mostly RWBY)
  • General thoughts on Gundam
  • Reece’s favourite Gundam series
  • Calvin’s favourite Gundam series
  • Our best Gundam OP’s
  • Other Great Mech Anime
  • What is the future of Gundam looking like

Plus we’ll be staying behind after for a D&D game designed by Ren

Please leave a comment if you wish to be a part of it so we are aware of numbers to expect and once we start filming we won’t start again for late arrivals

Thank you for your hopeful participation

Calvin – Nerd Consultant

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5 comments on “May Anime Amigos vlog
  1. Dream says:

    Hey Reece,

    I hope you get to see this! What were the two anime you recommended to me at yesterday’s PDSG (which I said I’d write down and didn’t!) ??? I remember “All studio Gibli are dubbed” man, but no names.

    Best wishes and safe journeys,

    • Reece Imiolek says:

      Hey Dream, it was Princess Monoke (Which is my favourite Studio Ghibli film) and Howl’s Moving Castle (Which is based on the English novel by Diana Wynne Jones) both are absolutely amazing and are thankfully still good with the English dubbed voice cast!

    • Reece Imiolek says:

      Hey Dream,

      Princess Monoke (My favourite Ghibli film) & Howl’s moving castle, both are fantastic films


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