Agony Autie – New Episode! Autism: Myths & Facts!

Agony Autie – New Episode! Autism: Myths & Facts!

In our fifth episode, we attempt to address some (but not all) common myths about autism.

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4 comments on “Agony Autie – New Episode! Autism: Myths & Facts!
  1. Luke says:

    I ‘love’ this series I really do, simply amazing – everyone should watch

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    I agree!!!
    Have now had the privilege of meeting her after Calvin and Renwick met her at the BAFTA Autism Uncut Away

  3. Sara says:

    Thank you very much! – Lord Dream notified me of this post – very kind
    Agony Autie

  4. Dave Reiser says:

    Just watched a few videos, I am instantly a massive fan, Agony Autie is a brilliant communicator providing so many valuable insights that are unique, very interesting and essential to improve understanding of The Spectrum.

    Please continue!

    Many thanks

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