Alex Lowery – May Update

Hello I hope you are enjoying the warm weather.

Thank you to all of you who have supported Alex in an event we have put on or have had Alex come to your organisation. This is just an opportunity to update you with how Alex is getting on and to tell you about some events that are coming up.

Alex will be speaking at the Autism Show on the 2nd July in Manchester. He will be on the AutisticUK stand and his book will be available to buy. Come along and say hello if you are attending the show.

Alex has received an additional diagnosis of ADHD and Dyspraxia

this did come as a surprise but in many ways Alex feels that he understand himself better. Alex is working on a new talk around the co-existing conditions. If you would like to book Alex to come and deliver this talk to your organisation please get in touch at We are also looking at arranging a conference on co-existing conditions in 2017 which we will keep you updated on.

Alex is booked to speak in Mold on the 7th June at the Parkfields Community Centre at 7 p.m. He will be delivering a brand new talk on Autism and obsessions. Alex plans to speak about the positive role of special interests and also about the times when repetitive thoughts can be negative because it is hard to stop them. Alex is excited to deliver this talk.

Alex is also speaking in Greyfriars Community Centre, Ringwood on the 16th June at 7 p.m. He will be speaking about autism myths and anxiety. You can read more about these event and how to book HERE

Alex has been involved with some exciting projects recently. He has been interviewed for the crowdfunded film ‘Autism the curious case of the human mind’. Alex has been able to speak about sensory issues, education and stimming. The film is due for release in mid June.

Alex has also been interviewed by Adam Feinstein for his late book on autism and employment.

Alex’s book ‘Thinking Club A filmstrip of my life as a person with autism’ is now available to buy in the Mold bookshop. It is also available direct from us and through Amazon.

Alex is planning to run training workshops in the coming months. These will be around

Alex Lowery training news

Alex is planning to run training workshops in the coming months. We are also planning to provide online training which will make Alex’s training more widely available. If you would like to book Alex to come and provide these workshops or would like to attend a workshop that will be arranged in the near future please get in touch. We are able to supply a certificate of attendance for the training with the subjects covered and number of hours.

Here is a list of the workshops that are available. If you would like a more bespoke workshop just ask.

1. Training to prepare young people as they move into transition

Planning and Persistence: The Tools to Help Students with Autism Succeed

  • I Am Not Alone (Or Gonzo and I understand each other) – Alex gives a personal account of accepting and embracing having autism.
  • Building Survival Skills. – Tips and advice on how to help students on the spectrum succeed and work through anxiety, exams and socialising.
  • Bridging the Gap for Teens Moving Towards Adulthood
  • Thinking Positively About Autism
2. Training on mental health and autism
  • What is autism? – Alex will give a short talk about autism.
  • Anxiety and sensory issues as a child- Alex will talk about his early years and how anxiety affected him. How he was helped to cope with his anxiety. Alex will also talk about sensory issues as a child.
  • Anxiety and sensory issues as an adult
  • Growing up with autism
  • The positives of autism – Alex shares how his unique way of seeing the world has its advantages.
3 . Building self esteem in teenagers and adults with autism
  • Growing up as a teen, hating having autism
  • Building a positive self identity – tools and tips to help children and young people come to a positive view of themselves.
  • Thinking positively about autism
  • Anxiety, depression attack and a meltdown what to do and what not to do.
4. Autism Awareness Training Day
  • Autism Awareness Training Alex Lowery
  • Raising a child with Autism Sylvia Lowery
  • Anxiety and Sensory Issues Alex Lowery
  • Positives of Autism Alex Lowery
Alex’s talk ‘Growing up with Autism’ and ‘Autism Awareness Training’ are now available as a double box set for £15.

If you would like to get the set please email at

Best Wishes

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