Anime Amigos Vlog 10

Anime Amigos Vlog
Ep 10: Best of Fall 2017

Here’s our 10th Anime vlog Hosted by Nerd Consultant Calvin and Reece Imiolek along with Ren Bromiley and Elliot Chapman on the subject of their best anime of the Fall 2017 season.
Embedded bellow is the vlog along with each of the Openings and Endings they picked as well as the links to the series on Crunchyroll/HiDive/Netflix/Amazon Prime

Reece’s Best OP
Elliot’s Best OP
Ren’s Best OP
Calvin’s Best OP

Reece’s Best ED
Elliot’s Best ED
Ren’s Best ED
Calvin’s Best ED

Reece’s Biggest Surprise
Elliot’s Biggest Surprise
Ren’s Biggest Surprise
Calvin’s Biggest Surprise

Reece’s Best

Elliot’s Best

Ren’s Best

Calvin’s Best

Reece’s Best
Original Series

Elliot’s Best
Original Series

Ren’s Best
Original Series

Calvin’s Best
Original Series

Anime Amigos Anime of the Season

05:13 our thoughts on Fall Season
10:16 Reece & Ren’s Best OP
14:30 Elliot’s Best OP
16:40 Calvin’s Best OP
20:30 Reece’s Best ED
23:18 Elliot’s Best ED
26:00 Ren’s Best ED
28:41 Calvin’s Best ED
31:36 Reece’s Biggest Surprise
35:36 Elliot’s Biggest Surprise
37:13 Ren and Calvin’s Biggest Surprise
44:18 Reece and Calvin’s Best Sequel
47:16 Elliots’s Best Sequel
50:35 Ren’s Best Sequel
54:40 Reece and Ren’s Best Original
01:00:48 Elliot’s Best Original
01:04:20 Calvin’s Best Original
01:07:27 Anime of The Season
01:10:48 what we’re looking forward to in Winter and 2018 as a whole
How to donate to Little Princess trust
Straw poll to vote for Anime of the year
twitter- @atkinson_calvin
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