An Autistic Adult’s Poem of Depression

Depressions Darkest Touch

To be close to madness a scary thought
Whilst consumed with fear you are caught

Into the depths of a depression and deep despair
The life you live becomes a constant scare

Sleepless nights and horrific visions
Swirl throughout all of your minds divisions

A deep dark hatred for one’s self
Becomes all there is nothing else

No happy times nor days of fun
The depression shoots you as if a gun

And whilst you fight to stay alive
Your sanity dwindles trying to survive

The love your family gives to you
Is not enough to see you through

For this dark pain is all that’s true
Your thoughts are sad, so sad and few

Make it stop you plead and beg
But there is no solace within your head

At last you turn to the final goodbye
I am at peace now, do not cry

For whilst you struggle to understand
I will sleep forever in another land

Goodbye to the ones I love and I pass to you

That I was not strong enough to live through

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2 comments on “An Autistic Adult’s Poem of Depression
  1. Luke Beardon says:

    This is heartbreaking. Reminds me a little of ‘Crushed’ by the wonderful Alex published in Aspies on Mental Health.

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