Axia’s October PDSG Presentation with Linda Buchan

Thank you to Linda for hosting what was perhaps our most successful Virtual Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting to date! Dr Buchan’s presentation on “Stress, PTSD and Autism” given to our recent Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting was extremely well received and generated some wonderful discussion.
So thank you to all those who attended, and for those who were unable to make it, you can watch the presentation below.
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5 comments on “Axia’s October PDSG Presentation with Linda Buchan
  1. Helen Jones says:

    I got a lot out of this PDSG , thank you very much to Linda and all the Team at Axia.
    Kindest regards

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks Helen
    I enjoyed it too

  3. Senor says:

    Thanks for another thought-provoking PDSG! Linda mentioned the following book during the session:

    I still haven’t actually read this myself, so you might prefer to be guided by a review of the book already posted on Axia-ASD’s Guest Review section:

  4. Corina says:

    Loved this presentation and the shared interest.
    Thank you so much for picking this topic.
    It needs to be talked about. And as mentioned, if one is not diagnosed with it, one struggles to get the necesserary support which may greatly differ from what one needs as an autistic individual, although there are paralells.

    Meant the world to me to be part of this one, since this is one of my special interests.

    I’ve recently come across Dr.Robert Scaer’s work.
    He was the one to come up with the term “cultural cage ” we are brought up to “behave” and “fit in” (and especially we as autistics learn to camouflage) and have therefore have forgotten about the freeze discharge, that would prevent us from getting PTSD in the first place.
    When Animals in the wild survive an attack of a predator, they shake the stress off.
    We don’t do that as “civilized humans”.

    But autistics kinda do that: stimming behaviour, it serves to calm your system..

    What I’ve found so interesting:
    the amygdala plays a huge role with experiencing fear and rage.

    And with all those so called buttom up therapies like EMDR (via bilateral stimulation) or Neurofeedback, they inhibit the amygdala and during that time trauma memory can be erased..

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