Axia’s PDSG Dates for 2018

Support Group

Dates for 2018

These are the confirmed dates and times we have been given for our PDSG meetings at the Crewe Lifestyle Centre.
Any future changes to the times will be marked in red.

Wednesday 31st January 2018 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Wednesday 14th March 2018 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Wednesday 25th April 2018 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Wednesday 6th June 2018 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Wednesday 18th July 2018 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Wednesday 29th August 2018 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Wednesday 17th October 2018 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Wednesday 5th December 2018 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

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16 comments on “Axia’s PDSG Dates for 2018
  1. ronnie says:

    Very sorry to see there are only 8 Meetings for 2018 instead of the usual 9 Meetings.
    You might say this is because of the possible Chester Meeting, but I don’t recall there being fewer meetings in 2015 when the Middlewich Conference took place.

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Axia have tried to schedule the group around venue and personnel availability
    You are quite right we also have what we think will be our biggest conference to date next September which we are pleased you will be speaking at

  3. ronnie says:

    Still a disappointment there are only 8 instead of 9 meetings. This is a concern with axia expanding it is becoming more difficult to host meetings,when there is a demand for increasing meetings to 12 a year rather than fewer.
    Benefits are still being frozen while inflation is rising and With speaking don’t know Will have to see what the circumstances are including my Cancer, I have to concentrate on that.

    • ronnie says:

      Maybe regarding venue for Post diagnostic Support Meetings Red Hill House at Chester would be more suitable which with axia expanding it would be easier having meetings at your headquarters.The present venue is a problem for interruptions with People entering the room when meetings have already begun. With the design of the room it is very annoying to have people seeming at times to be constantly entering the room and to be honest I am finding it very intrusive which was never a problem at the Old Library Venue.

  4. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks for your comments
    We would welcome other people’s comments about the venue

    • ronnie says:

      Your welcome, I would like the Venue very much to be changed to Red Hill House at Chester especially if it meant the norm being a meeting Once a Month 12 Times a year, a need more than ever with the loss of Autism Inclusive ( The way I see it becoming a Children’s Group at the expense of Adults ).
      But I apologise for mentioning my Cancer yet again, but since I
      announced my Cancer on an earlier Post, it has been an opener to me with a Minority showing empathy to me how small my influence is at the Post Diagnostic Support Group. And I plead Guilty with my regular Contributions to the Group since 2014 I had fallen into the Trap into thinking I was a major influence in the Group. How wrong I was. So unfortunately I have no major following of People to influence to 1. Want to change Venue, 2, To change the Venue to Red Hill House.

      • Helen says:

        I just wanted to say that I highly value your contributions to the PDSG Ronnie. As the group has grown bigger you have been a constant presence and I always enjoy talking to you and hearing your views and suggestions.
        By the way, I do hope that you enjoyed your holiday to Criccieth.
        Kindest regards

        • ronnie says:

          Thank you Helen and I have always enjoyed your company at the meetings and it was a good holiday Thank you
          Best wishes

  5. Helen says:

    I fully understand and agree with Ronnie’s comments about the venue at Crewe Lifestyle centre, however I would be concerned if the PDSG were to be held at Red Hill House.
    Whilst it is an excellent idea, and I imagine would work very well for the Axia Team members, the parking at Red Hill is very limited.
    Also from a personal aspect, I travel by train into Crewe and then walk to the centre.
    I do have tremendous difficulty travelling back from Crewe actually, because my brain is tired from concentrating on the meeting, I struggle to find the correct platform and usually miss at least two trains before I am homeward bound.
    That’s irrelevant to this point – although I guess it illustrates that I would like it if ease of travelling to the venue can be born in mind 🙂

    • Dream says:

      I think I would have to agree with you Helen.

      Crewe I can cope with, it’s hard but it’s a “hub” (in the sense of it’s out of my 10 mile “comfort zone” but it appears designed to be “travelled through” and my route is relatively easy, even when there have been roadworks).

      Chester on the other hand is a nightmare for me to journey to though, and impractical in terms of parking, and “space” in general at Redhill House I think. I’m not even sure why there’s talk of “moving” from where we are actually.

      I liked the Library, perhaps would even say preferred it, however I don’t like “change” and feel relatively settled where we are now. I TRY and “count my blessings” and be thankful for what I have, rather than focus on that which I lack… which at times appears to be a lot – but that’s just my perspective at the time! And it changes!!!

      All the best,

      • Helen says:

        I only went to one meeting at the old library before we had to relocate to the new Lifestyle Centre. I’m glad that I experienced that because I can compare the “new” venue and find it is much noisier and chaotic.
        However, it is now “the devil we know”.
        I can totally understand Ronnie’s idea of holding the PDSGs at Redhill House, and in so many ways it is a “no brainer”, because we might be able to have a monthly meeting instead of the 6 weeks or less that we have now, but the practicalities of parking, and the travelling worries that it would raise, lead me to think that possibly it may be that we make the best of what we have?
        There is no answer that will suit everyone but forefront in my mind is the fact that Dr Linda and Axia are providing the PDSGs as a unique and treasured gift.
        I desperately don’t want to cause offence with anything I say.
        My kindest regards to All

      • ronnie says:

        Hi Dream,I have already mentioned my reasons, I suspect that is one of the ways Aspergers affects me regarding the annoying interuptions. I am entitled to express my dissatisfaction with the present venue and have given the Present Venue more than a fair Chance to work, it’s been a year and a half now.And as I said in reply to Linda what’s wrong with Autism Networks Venue.Time has moved on now surely that could be given another chance.
        Regards, Ronnie.

        • Dream says:

          Hi Ronnie,

          I know what you mean about “interruptions”, I remember jumping every time I heard the vacuum cleaner come on at the library when the doors weren’t shut. They’re a different sort of unpleasantness in the new place which don’t affect me in the same way.

          And of course you’ve got the right to “air your opinions” sir (did I imply you hadn’t?!?), I was just confused where talk of “moving” had come from as I don’t recall it being mentioned before (but that maybe my failure in memory or inattention to details).

          I only have vague recollections of why we had to leave Autism Networks, I think the gentleman whom I first met who worked there said they were “focusing more on children” (which we aren’t). I just googled them and they now have “sensory rooms” (sound costly) which can be hired out for up to 6 people.

          Hope to see you at the next PDSG, despite Linda and Carly being unable to attend (we are a “group” man, and despite my rarely being able to do more than wave to Helen for whatever reasons, there feels like a camaraderie amongst us all).

          Anywayz, all the best Ronnie,
          safe journeys,

          • ronnie says:

            Hi Dream,
            Thank you for your reply, we are all affected differently with Aspergers,I must admit I had forgotten about the Hoover at Crewe Library,while the hoover didn’t’ make me jump, I also don’t like hearing the sound of the hoover.
            I wrongly thought you didn’t think I had the right to air my opinions regarding the venue when you mentioned about thinking possibly we make the best of what we have?. I wrongly thought you were implying I didn’t have the right to air my opinions regarding my dissatisfaction with the present venue,i can only apologise, i am so sorry.
            I appreciate very much what you have said about me attending the meeting Thank you very much,Truthfully the Windows are due to be changed in the Flat on Wednesday which I agreed to before I read your reply to my post, so I don’t know if I will be able to get away or not,I promise I will try my best to be able to attend and Thank you very much for trying your best with Googling Autism Networks.
            Best wishes

  6. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments which are always valued
    In fact there isn’t a room big enough at Red Hill to accommodate the group

    • ronnie says:

      Why didn’t you say that before about no suitable Room at Red Hill House? It was you who suggested ‘Red Hill House’ in the first place at an earlier meeting I think it may have been last year or earlier this year when the Venue was mentioned.
      And what’s wrong with the Venue you used to go to at Autism Networks ?I only went to a meeting there once but have never forgotten what a good quiet venue it was with no anoying interuptions. And the buildings is still in use.

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