Dr. Buchan’s Sensory Sensitivities Presentation

Following on from our April Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting, we are posting the slides to Linda’s Presentation on

Sensory Sensitivities


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2 comments on “Dr. Buchan’s Sensory Sensitivities Presentation
  1. Anna says:

    Fab presentation. The research from the College of Occupational Therapists on sensory sensitivities and therapy is really interesting. I’ve seen a bit of sensory modulation and and sensory integration therapy at Ancora house and the Eastway unit in Chester. A lot of the patients there really enjoy it and I’ve seen it to have really calming effects. I’d love to have a placement with Autism services and get some experience in sensory integration therapy for when I qualify!

  2. Corina says:

    Sensory sensitivity – very much so.

    Vibration – especially during the night, when I hear an unexpected sound, I FEEL that in MY WHOLE BODY, vibrate in every cell. You know, as if you would touch a gong…
    Definitely sound waves/vibes have big influence on our system, since we are 70% water as seen in Cymatics..
    Patterns have certain vibes, either it makes you feel good or it agitates you..

    Temple Granin mentions in one of her books, can’t remember which one, think it was Animals Make Us Human, that animals react to HIGH PITCHED sounds with ANXIETY. For me it’s the same.
    Certain voices – INSTANT relax, you MELT.
    Other voices make you CRINGE or freeze. Prosody has a huge impact on my nervous system..

    Stronger sensitivity, especially to Light and sound when under stress.

    And then there is the Synesthesia like crossovers – well not sure If I can call it that.
    Always wanted to ask this somebody, if this is Synesthesia or something else?

    So, when I look at foods (i have tasted) I get the taste in my mouth kinda,
    or when I LOOK at certain textures, I feel it on my fingertips without touching it.
    I just KNOW the felt sense without touching the object.
    It’s fun to play around with those, as long as it’s not overload…

    Or, when somebody hugs another person, you feel that on your skin too.
    Guess that’s mirror neurons firing?

    I feel nausea when looking at weird colour combinations, omg, WHY would you put those colours together, it is SO painful to look at or wild patterns – geez.
    Makes me dizzy.
    Other colours, like most shades of darker blue feel like nourishment to me, my body feels deeply satiated by it. That’s why I also call myself the Blue Hermit.

    And then you can so deeply connect with Mother Earth, that you feel like in a Mother’s embrace…

    Seasonal Sensitivity (summer is the worst ) and my system also always seems to know, when it is Fullmoon (but many have that) or new moon

    Prosopagnosia is kinda funny, I have walked past my different bosses so many times, lol but with customers, erm when they say, long time no see, remembering you clearly…and you are like: WHO are you??

    I think sixth sense should be counted as one too. When you SOMETIMES see something happening, before it’s happening, but you can’t quite prevent it anyway..

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