N.A.S. National Forum Elections – A 2nd Required

Martin has given his permission for us to share this on our website to see if anyone would be willing to second him.

National Forum Elections

Dear Linda,
Dave Reiser has just been round to help me with my application to be on the National Forum of the NAS.
Dave is willing to propose me. I wondered if someone who is a member of the NAS and ‘on the spectrum’ would be willing to second me.
Best wishes,
Martin John Reynolds – Guest Contributor

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7 comments on “N.A.S. National Forum Elections – A 2nd Required
  1. ronnie says:

    Yes Certainly Martin ,I will be happy to Second You.( I confirm I am a member of the N A S and on the Spectrum.)
    Best wishes.

    • Martin John Reynolds says:

      Thanks Ronnie. I’ll be in touch. I have to get my application in by the 5th February.

      All the best,

  2. ronnie says:

    Hi Martin
    Your welcome. You are going to have to send the forms with a Stamped addressed Envelope to me A S P. I give permission for Axia to give you my address.There is nothing I can do about the 5th February deadline apart from signing and posting your forms as soon as I see them.It has to be the traditional old fashioned post way because I am old enough to remember when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth and I am a Dinosaur with modern Technology.
    Best Wishes

    • Martin John Reynolds says:

      Thanks to Dave and Ronnie for nominating me to stand for election to the National Forum. My application has been acknowledged and the plan is to move forward quickly and make sure newly elected members are in place for the next meeting of the Forum which is on March 17th and 18th 2017.

      • Martin John Reynolds says:

        I have just heard from the N.A.S. that I Have not been successful in the election for new members of the National Forum. I wish to publicly thank all those who supported me.

  3. ronnie says:

    Sorry to hear you have not been successful in the Election.I didn’t realise your application involved an Election.

    • Martin John Reynolds says:

      Thanks Ronnie. I was a bit disappointed but as the email said ‘that’s democracy’. I’m trying to start the Nantwich and District Radio and Computing Club. It gives me something else to think about and in fact is probably a more appropriate use of my time.

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