URGENT! Axia Canvas Bag Design – images sought

“We are beginning to design our canvas bags and would like to welcome contributions. On one side of the bag we will be having the Axia ASD Ltd logo. On the other side, a suggestion made by a member of our Post-Diagnostic Support Group saying

“There is no one face of Autism”.

We wonder if people could, along the lines of this theme, send any images that you think might fit with the theme.

We are on a very tight deadline so could you send them by the end of next week.”

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15 comments on “URGENT! Axia Canvas Bag Design – images sought
  1. ronnie says:

    A person with Autism sat on a Wooden Horizontal Wheel trying to explain their Concerns to Officialdom which could be many differenttypes of Officialdom. 2 Examples _ The Job Centre,The Council.
    Going back to the Wheel the Person with Autism is Sat on. The Of final is standing next to a Handle winding the Wheel round with the victim ( Could be any of Us ) going round and round and round getting nowhere and round and round.
    If this idea is suitable I will post my design to you.( Warning I’m not an Artist.)

    • ronnie says:

      Different and types should be seperate.
      Meant to be Official where I’ve said–The Official is standing next to a Handle etc.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Ronnie if you’d like to send me your design and I’ll have a go at drawing it up for you
      Thanks Scott

    • Dream says:

      Hi Ronnie,

      I know you say you’re not an artist, but if you could perhaps rough out what you can see in your mind on paper, then photograph it with your phone or tablet? If you could try using the “contribution form” and use the “add attachment” to send it that would be great.

      However if that looks like a lot of hassle (I don’t think I’ve ever actually used it, so it might be), if you find a good photo I think you could probably click a “share” button and “send via email” to web.admin@axia-asd.co.uk so either Carly, Calvin or my Self can make sure Scott gets it.

      Hope that helps,

      • ronnie says:

        Hi Dream,,
        Thank you very much for your reply and trying your very best to help. But I ‘m sorry I will send it the Traditional Old Fashioned Way and have it there well within the Deadline. I’m so sorry but it’s the only way Old Fashioned me knows.
        On a different matter I apologise for not speaking to you at the meeting, I was last minute and must admit I did recognise you with out your hat. Best wishes.

        • Dream says:

          Hi Ronnie,

          No problem using “Traditional Old Fashioned” postal service, in fact it’s important to ensure it’s use survives. It’s like me admiring my mum for refusing to use her plastic card and continually catching the bus into town to ensure the banks keep using cheques!!! It’s vital both the function and concept are remembered (in my head at least).

          I STILL use the “Royal Mail” and send “recorded delivery” for ANYTHING which I think someone may contest at a later date (i.e. “Councils” or any other “Body” I perceive as a potential “concern”, for want of a better word).

          Yes, sorry I didn’t get chance for a catch up chat at the P.D.S.G., strange days amigo, me not wearing my hat and having my hair cut, it just ain’t right man!!!

          Still, hair grows so the cap will stop hurting my head soon enough and I can get back to wearing it comfortably! I said “don’t shave just cut”, and yet I still didn’t stop the hairdresser when they got the electric shaver out?!? I still think I look like John Hurt from 1984, but give it 6 months and I think I’ll be back to looking like “me” – at least I hope!

          All the best,

          • ronnie says:

            Hi Dream
            Thank you for your understanding,Sorry about your Problems with the Hairdresser.I’m sure your Hair will soon grow again.I can recommend my Niece Michele who is a Hairdresser and she would remember you telling her not to use the electric shaver and to just cut.Michele is the one whose Dogs I look after.Michele’s Hair Salon is at Glebe Farm Astbury.
            Best Wishes Ronnie.

          • Dream says:

            Thanks Ronnie.
            Haven’t been to the hairdressers in over 5 years and just cut it myself (long story) but mum paid for it as a “present”. It was like being in a doctors surgery! I’ll remember “Michelle at Glebe Farm” if I think about getting my hair cut again in the next 5 years!
            Cheers Ronnie,

          • ronnie says:

            Hi Dream,
            Your most welcome.
            Best wishes

  2. Helen says:

    This might be a bit too simple/ not appropriate, but I’ll put it in the mix for an image to do with the canvas bag.

    2 heads, no particular detailed features except for the nose and ears.
    One is filled in with 2 colours in a simple “marbled type” design, for example, blue and orange. ( I don’t know what colour the canvas bag will be, so that would have a bearing)
    The other one, marbled the same way, but the colours swopped places with each other.
    You’d have to look twice to see a difference ( maybe you wouldn’t see a difference – as in one can’t ” see” a person with Aspergers )
    Too subtle perhaps.
    Good luck all.

  3. Carly Bailey says:

    Hi Ronnie, I just wanted to say thank you for your drawing which will be considered along with all the other contributions. Kind Regards, Carly

    • ronnie says:

      Hi Carly
      Your Welcome. I did warn Scott I’m not an artist and if you’ve seen it you will have also seen I’m not an artist, but I thin I have left a good description of my ideas on the website page.
      Best wishes

  4. Michelle says:

    Hello! I wrote a blog post about a new symbol for autism (and a bit of an anti-puzzle piece diatribe!) that you might like to look at. It includes different versions of the same symbol which, although geometric, is easy to read visually.

    If it’s faces you would prefer then please click on the Art & Illustration tab (under Categories, on the right) and have a scroll through for an example of my work. I also have many multi-face drawings both digital and inked – it was a bit of a theme of mine! If you bob me an email I can send you some images for you to see.

    You’re welcome to use my work for your bag design if you wish, assuming I’d still retain credit.

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