Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – July 2017

Meeting-minutes-pictureMinutes of the Twenty Second
Post-Diagnostic Support Group
5th July 2017

Today’s group was attended by 37 people.

Items discussed were:

The meeting started with Calvin apologising for the absence of Linda from the group and also why Carly and Gail had not attended today. He then went on to introduce himself and other members who were in attendance which were Calvin Atkinson, Elspeth Bromiley, David Reiser, Ren, Dream & Scott.

Calvin then introduced David who then started his presentation which was named:

When/Where/ how Autistic people want/ not want their inflexibility challenged/ supported.

During David’s presentation there was a lot of interaction with a wide range of members from the group giving their opinions and own personal experiences on how routines in everyday life are a good thing when working right and on time etc. Also discussed was the sort of issues that can arise when these routines are affected by time delays and changes or differences in a set routine. Participants offered possible solutions to challenging situations that they had found helpful.

What was also highlighted within the discussion was that the Autism events that have been organised throughout the community are more family or child orientated as opposed to being aimed at single or the older generation of people diagnosed with Autism or Asperger Syndrome. The lack of events for older single people was particularly noted.

The topic of discussion moved briefly onto PIP and DLA and the lack of help available while applying for help from the government and Els mentioned that this is something that we needed to discuss in more detail and at a later date.

There was then a 20 minute break for cakes and refreshments and a chance for anybody wanting to borrow any books and DVDs they were interested in from the collection available.

After the break the first topic of agenda was the Autism Pride walk that had taken place on 18 June 2017. Calvin thanked everyone who had attended then asked if everyone thought it was a success and what we needed to do to improve for next year. Again a few suggestions were made which involved making it a different day other than Sunday In particular due to problems with transport getting to and from Chester. Some people had to get 2 buses which did not run on a Sunday. Concerns about rush hour traffic was also raised. It was also mentioned that a bit of uniformity in terms of having either the same colour clothes or badges as an identifier would have been beneficial and maybe more people involved with the organisation of it next time. A planning group was suggested for next year.

Calvin & Ren introduced their idea of having a role playing group which people could get involved in and it was made clear that details needed to be finalised then advertised and made available to everyone on our website.

Dream went through the new developments within Axia and informed everyone of the ideas we were having about T shirts, Hats etc, and also promoted his book.

Finally the time and date of the next group were announced which is Wednesday 16th August between 12:00pm and 2:00pm with guest speaker Sarah Hendrickx

Everyone thanked Calvin for his excellent job.

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15 comments on “Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – July 2017
  1. ronnie says:

    A good meeting and well done to the Person who took down the minutes of the meeting in Carly’s absence,but I did miss Linda not being there, it was also a shock Carly and Gail not being there. I didn’t’ hear Calvin mention about Carly and Gail not being there,I asked Elspeth during the break why Carly wasn’t there and she mentioned about Carly been at University.It would have been helpful if Carly could have warned in advance she wasn’t going to be at the meeting especially with Linda on holiday.
    Finally on a Personnel note I have been diagnosed with Folliular Lymphoma Cancer,it is low Grade and Slow growing.I will be having Chemotherapy, I am very lucky to be still feeling very well.
    Best wishes

    • Helen Jones says:

      Dear Ronnie
      I am very sorry to hear this news re your health and I want to send you my very best wishes and positive thoughts.
      With very kindest regards, Helen.

      • ronnie says:

        Dear Helen,
        Thank you very much for your kind note, your support means such a lot to me.
        Best wishes

  2. Carly Bailey says:

    Hi Ronnie

    It was Scott that took the minutes in my absence and I sincerely apologise for not having announced my absence at this month’s meeting. I had discussed this with all members of the Axia team who were all well aware that I was unable to attend due to having to attend a University workshop but I regretfully advise I only focused on announcing Linda’s absence as this was her first absence from the group since its conception. I will of course make sure I announce if I can’t attend any future dates.

    Finally I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis and would like to wish you well on your recovery on behalf of myself and all the Axia team.


  3. ronnie says:

    Hi Carly
    Well done to Scott for taking the minutes. His report of the meeting was fair.
    And I appreciate your comment on your absence, you and your mother were missed, like Linda was missed.
    Thank you for your support with my Cancer diagnosis, it means a lot to me.
    Best wishes

  4. ronnie says:

    Hi Carly,
    The Cancer is not curable but it is Treatable.
    Best wishes

  5. Helen Jones says:

    Hello to all Team Axia,
    I would just like to thank you for a super PDSG meeting. I had been anxious about Linda being unable to attend,but I think our Leader would have been very proud.
    Kindest regards.

  6. Linda Buchan says:

    I am still on holiday but wanted to:
    Ronnie thank you for sharing your thoughts and news
    Helen I gathered from the minutes and texting with Calvin that it all went well
    I also agree with you Ronnie that the minutes read well
    Thank you to the axia team

  7. Ronnie says:

    I am beginning my Cancer treatment on Thursday 3rd August, am still hoping to be at the next meeting on 16th August.
    Best wishes

    • Dream says:

      Just wanted to wish you all the best for Thursday Ronnie, and hope you’re feeling up to making the next PDSG meeting man – only you and me who’ve made every one to date now isn’t it?!?
      All the best,

      • ronnie says:

        Hi Dream,
        Thank you very much for your best wishes,your support means such a lot to me.
        It is you who has been to every PDSG meeting. I missed the first few meetings in 2014,I think you started attending from the start? My first meeting was in July,2014 ( The only one I attended at the Autism Networks Venue ) I think the next meeting I attended was in October 2014 ( By which time the Venue had moved to the Library ) and like you have attended every meeting since. Must admit I do miss the Library Venue especially as the Building is still there.
        Best wishes

        • Helen says:

          Hello Ronnie,
          I’ve just read your post about your treatment today, and wanted to say that I am thinking about you and wishing the very best for you.
          With very kindest regards

          • ronnie says:

            Hello Helen,
            Thank you very much for thinking of me and wishing the very best for me.It means such a lot to me that you care.
            I am very lucky the treatment went very well and I am feeling very well.
            I visited the Trafford Centre yesterday and visited Barton Aerodrome today.
            Best wishes

          • Helen says:

            Hello Ronnie!
            It’s lovely to hear that you feel so well and are getting out and about – really well done. It would be so easy to withdraw, I think you are an inspiration.
            I hope to see you at next weeks Axia meeting.
            All the very best

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