Temple Grandin (2010) – Review


Temple Grandin is probably the world’s most famous autistic person. The film takes you through the extraordinary challenges Temple and her mother faced. She didn’t begin to speak until she was 4 years old. Her mother was advised to put her in an institution by the specialist. Yet that was never an option for them.

Temple was encouraged to do ‘normal’ things. She was nearly refused admission to a new school but Dr Carlock, a former NASA scientist, began to take an interest and that was the turning point. Temple gradually emerges from being the prisoner of her autism, to being a gifted designer and finally able to communicate her ideas very effectively.

She is played magnificently by Claire Danes. I shed a few tears over this film.

Martin John Reynolds – Guest Contributor

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8 comments on “Temple Grandin (2010) – Review
  1. Linda Buchan says:

    I thought it was an excellent film
    Thanks Martin

  2. Helen says:

    I would really like to see this film, but I don’t seem able to find it available to purchase on DVD for our part of the world, which I believe is Region 2.

    • Dream says:

      Dear Helen,

      Calvin’s away and Linda asked if I could help you out. Please do NOT think of these links as any sort of endorsement by either myself nor Axia, they are merely what I have found through Google whilst attempting to assist…

      Amazon appears to have a “Region 2” DVD available for £24.99 (which to be honest sounds somewhat excessive, but that was what you seemed to seek in your comment)

      Amazon also appear to provide a “Watch Online” facility for the lesser fee of £9.99 for the HD version and £6.99 for the “SD” version (which I assume means Standard Definition instead of the “HD” High Definition, therefore watching on a laptop or smaller would seem pointless paying for HD I would think)

      IF you don’t mind watching the film on your laptop at a lower resolution, and possibly with the inconvenience of windows with adverts popping up (depending upon your browser and plugins), then Google also provided me with this link…

      Also, I know it may be a bit “old fashioned”, however you may well be able to rent the DVD from your local Public Library (which are still valuable assets in our society!!!)

      I hope you find one of those links suitable to your needs Helen,
      Best wishes and safe journeys,

      • Helen Jones says:

        Crumbs! Thank you very much indeed Dream and many thanks too to Dr Linda for asking you to help me out.
        You have given me some really great options on how to see this film, and I shall persue one of the less costly versions as soon as I can ; I’m currently having to use my phone to link me to the Internet, so streaming a film needs me to be back online properly.
        You are a complete star Dream, and I’m so so grateful for the support that is shown by all the wonderful team at Axia.
        My very kindest regards

  3. Helen says:

    Hello Dr Linda,Dream and all at Axia,
    I am now fully connected to the Internet again, and have been able to download the film ” Temple Grandin” via google play – SD version for £7.99
    It was a relatively easy process, but I would never have thought that it was possible to download a film, so many thanks for all your help.
    I have learnt something new and I’m looking forward to watching the film.
    I hope to see you all at the monthly PDSG meeting tomorrow.
    Kindest wishes

    • Dream says:

      Hi Helen,

      Glad we were able to be of assistance 🙂 I notice the “free” version no longer functions for me as it did previously – one of the problems I find with “Googling” is that much is “of the moment” and has gone when “time passes”.

      I too will hopefully be at the monthly P-D.S.G. tomorrow, so please do “Say Hi”. Please forgive me if I appear less than approachable, amenable or social, I am not always “as I appear to be”!!! That said, “social situations” tend to create various degrees of heightened anxiety for me, but I always aim to be polite at the very least 🙂

      Best wishes, and hope you enjoy the film.

      • Helen says:

        Hi Dream,
        Many thanks for your lovely reply.
        What a shame that the “free” version of the film has gone – time restrictions for viewing are far from ideal.
        I will endeavour to “say Hi” tomorrow – I completely understand and agree with what you said about social situations, so “high five” for that.
        It’s such a unique group, run by completely committed,inspirational and lovely people; however the travelling and the socialising are big challenges for me too.
        See you tomorrow all being well.
        Kindest wishes

  4. Helen says:

    I’ve finally watched the Temple Grandin film!
    What a remarkable woman, very inspiring.
    I thought the film was very clear in how it depicted her visions both technical / images.
    Strangely it helped me understand the things that my mind shows me – not technical in any way, just visual images.
    I had to fast forward through some of the scenes involving the cattle. I struggle with things involving any animal, but it had to be included, because that is what drove Temple to work so passionately for animal welfare.
    All in all a very good film.

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