April P-D.S.G. News

News about tomorrows Post-Diagnostic Support Group meeting
Looking forward to seeing you all at our post-diagnostic support group.

The format will be similar to the usual formats in as much as I will be doing a presentation on sensory sensitivities. We will have the break with cakes and this time refreshments are going to be provided by the Lifestyle Centre (there has been a change in policy regarding this). We hope this will work out well.

After the break there will be a number of things we will be discussing including the BAFTA hosted Autism Uncut awards which were awards for journalists, film makers and others involved in raising Autism awareness in the various genres.

Calvin and Renwick (Calvin’s new associate member of the film society) attended the BAFTA hosted awards and made contact with a number of the winners, in particular, they made contact with Agony Autie who won two awards: The People’s Choice and a media award. They discovered that she is based in Chester and therefore extended an invitation for her to attend our post-diagnostic support group as we felt this would become a useful link for the group in the work that we are co-producing.

I am delighted that she has accepted the invitation and we hope there will be an opportunity, not only to congratulate her but also to hear about her success.

Finally, there will be two noticeable absences: Carly and Gail as they will be attending the funeral of Gail’s mum and Carly’s Nanna. Our thoughts will be with them.
Dr. Linda Buchan
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
& Director of Axia ASD Ltd.

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3 comments on “April P-D.S.G. News
  1. Linda Buchan says:

    I really enjoyed the group
    Thank you to everyone who attended

  2. Paul D says:

    Didn’t get chance to chat to Dream.. I also have unusual internal physical sensory experience. At least I presume it’s unusual as I don’t hear similar accounts from NTs. I feel food transiting through my body, along with contractions, from stomach to duodenum, and along the small intestine. Like a cart on a roller coaster! Also weird visceral sensations around the joints and in body tissue.

    My GP (one of the better ones!) introduced me to the topic autonomous nervous system in relation to unusual sensory experience (pain), so it was interesting to hear more on this. I’d like to explore further the association between sensory issues and underlying physiological mechanisms. To this layman I can comprehend the theory of a connection between oversensitivity and hypervigilance and impaired stress response. There is much reading to do, and I’ll start with Olga Bagdashina’s book recommended by Dr Buchan.

    Relating to sensory issues, I find Simon Baron-Cohen has a lovely soft spoken voice, which would be most soothing.. if it wasn’t accompanied by a high pitched sibilance, like glass shards piercing my eardrums!

    Thank you Dr Buchan and the Axia team for hosting this group.

  3. Helen says:

    I very much enjoyed the PDSG and thought that Dr Linda, Dream,Scott and Espeth and Nat ( forgive me if I got his name wrong, Elspeth’s hubbie) presented a well structured, informative meeting that still retained Axia’s unique warmth.
    I would like to extend my sincere condolences to Gail and Carly on their very sad bereavement. You were missed and my thoughts are with you both.
    Kindest regards to all at Team Axia.
    Helen Jones

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