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Whistleblowers claim children with autism ‘abused’ at Cardiff home

In light of the recent news article regarding care for autistic children in Wales, we would like to offer our sympathies to all of the families affected. We are shocked and saddened to hear of the alleged treatment of these

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My Dyspraxic Life – BBC Radio Sheffield Special

Dyspraxia, or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), is estimated to affect more than 3 million people in the UK, 1.4 million severely – many adults remain undiagnosed. After struggling with Dyspraxia unknowingly for most of her life, Xanthe Palmer, having been

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Our understanding of dyspraxia is still stuck in the dark ages – i News

Our understanding of dyspraxia is still stuck in the dark ages The lifelong neurological condition affects our co-ordination, as well as how we organise ourselves, how we structure our sentences, our time management and our speech patterns If your average

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Dyspraxia: My life with the misunderstood condition – BBC

BBC presenter Xanthe Palmer has dyspraxia, a complex and life-changing disorder she says is frequently misunderstood. She wanted to change that, so set out to speak to others with the condition to shine a spotlight on the challenges they face.

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Autism Research Recruitment – University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool Autism Research Recruitment Advert Do you have a diagnosis of autism? Are you aged 16 – 25? If so, we want to hear from you! What is this about? We are conducting a research project to learn

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How Gaming Can Be Used for Good in Mental Health – MHT

Changing the narrative: how gaming can be used for good in mental health For many years, since their rise to popularity in the late 90s, video games and gaming has been synonymous with negative associations: addiction, aggression, bad sleep patterns

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NAS – 🎓 Postgraduate Certificate in Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Sheffield Hallam University Postgraduate certificate in autism and Asperger syndrome The course gives you an understanding of autism and Asperger syndrome and some of the associated issues. It provides insight into how to develop appropriate support for autistic people and

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‘You’re too pretty to be autistic’: Why so many women are going undiagnosed – Metro

Throughout her childhood Victoria Ellen always had a feeling that she was different, but couldn’t quite figure out why. She didn’t always know when it was her turn to talk in conversations, struggled with eye contact and was more interested

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Reforming the Mental Health Act: Summary

We recently posted an article from the NAS on how the law on mental health is changing. The UK Government have published a summary of the main changes proposed, stating: We (the UK government) want to let you know about

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There’s still time – NAS

You still have time to take part in World Autism Awareness Week, 29 March – 4 April There are just a few weeks to go until World Autism Awareness Week, but there’s still time to get involved. Are you looking

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The potential of AI for mental health services – MHT

New from Mental Health Knowledge Insights From the Mental Health Today team. Share This Post:

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How I improved my mental health with creativity – MHT

A message from our sponsors Insights From the Mental Health Today team. Share This Post:

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Connected by Autism – An online conference from JKP

Connected by Autism is the first online conference from Jessica Kingsley Publishers From 22-27th March 2021, over six days of presentations and conversations, we hope to create an accessible conference space for learning, understanding and celebration. With each day based

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“Best Things”: Parents Describe Their Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Over Time

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders ORIGINAL PAPER “Best Things”: Parents Describe Their Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Over Time Katherine T. Cost1 · Anat Zaidman‐Zait2 · Pat Mirenda3 · Eric Duku4 · Lonnie Zwaigenbaum5 · Isabel M. Smith6

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The law on mental health is changing – NAS

You helped us change the law This week, we had some good news and we wanted to share it with you. For years, we have been campaigning to change the law on mental health in England and Wales. At the

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Success for Peterborough man with autism who found his first job in 2020 – Peterborough Telegraph

A man from Peterborough who has autism has achieved his goal of finding his first job in 2020 after help from the DWP’s Work Coaches. Leon Stephenson, 27, developed the skills he needed to land his first job as a

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MHT Interview: Talking about men’s mental health and suicide

Insights Covid workplace insecurity is the leading cause of stress, finds report The politics of mental health in a pandemic The value of role models to good mental health Premium content Explore mental health beyond today through a subscription to

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Mental Health Today Update – December 2020

Insights Taking two steps back: It is all too easy to live our lives in automation. By taking a step back, we can be more mindful and defuse problematic emotions Premium content Explore mental health beyond today through a subscription

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