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Compensatory strategies in autistic people associated with delayed diagnosis – LDT

The first scientific study of compensatory strategies — techniques to camouflage autism — finds that they have both positive and negative outcomes, increasing social integration, but possibly also resulting in poor mental health for autistic people, and could be a

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Autism Audiobooks – JKP

JKP are delighted to now offer a small, but growing, selection of our books in audiobook format. You can browse and buy audiobooks in this newsletter, and look out for new books being made available soon. Share This Post:

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Discount Tickets for the 4th North Wales Autism Conference

After our discussion yesterday at our Post-Diagnostic Support group regarding the cost of tickets and lack of “Earlybird prices” for the upcoming “4th North Wales Autism Conference”, we are delighted to be able offer tickets to members of our PDSG

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An autism diagnosis saved my life, but not before the Mental Health Act almost ended it – LDT

Further insight ‘Civil war’ stirs among parents of autistic children Catch up Government pledges to monitor autism employment gap – for the first time Keep supporting progress and greater opportunities for people with learning disabilities. Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Patient Voices: A future with Autism?

A future with Autism? David Gill When David’s parents were told that he didn’t have a future, they responded by encouraging David to push himself. A diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome enabled him to go to a special school where he

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End the abuse of autistic people & people with a learning disability in inpatient units –

Alexis Quinn started this petition to Government of the United Kingdom My name is Alexis Quinn and I am autistic. In 2012 I was detained under the mental health act for almost three and a half years. I spent time

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How far can reasonable adjustments address health inequalities? – LDT

Reasonable adjustments have been trumpeted as crucial to fighting the health inequality faced by people with learning disabilities. When 12 weeks turns into two years Isabelle Garnett’s son Matthew spent nearly two years under section in a mental health hospital

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Mental health professionals must value input – MHT

Mental health professionals must value insight from friends, families, and carers It was a close friend who first noticed that I was experiencing extremes of mood. Friends, families, and carers “sense a resistance to being heard and feel their expertise

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LDT – Cervical cancer screenings: addressing the health inequality founded upon misconception

I’d like to share this article with you: Cervical cancer screenings: addressing the health inequality founded upon misconception on Dr. Linda Buchan Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Director of Axia ASD Ltd. Women with learning disabilities and autism are almost

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EastEnders – new autism storyline! (11 June 2019) – NAS

What do people think of the story line? Tonight’s episode of EastEnders saw the start of a new storyline for the Carter family, which follows Linda, Mick and their young son Ollie on their autism diagnosis journey. We’re really pleased

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An introduction to the classification of mental disorders: the DSM and the ICD – MHT

As humans, we are constantly trying to find ways to make sense of ourselves, others, and the world around us. One way we do this is by assigning names to things, be it physical objects, concepts, or experiences. We designate

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Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar: Learning disabilities and autism care in England

Sue and Linda are on their way now to this Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar: Learning disabilities and autism care in England Timing: 9.00 am start, registration from 8.30 am, 1.00 pm finish, Wednesday, 12th June 2019 Venue: Royal Over-Seas

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Introducing LDT Study Day plenary session: Hate Crime – A Life Without Fear

“People with learning disabilities are silently victimised every day and are not receiving the level of support that they so clearly need from our service providers. We all need to work together and learn from one another to ensure that

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Learning Disability and Autism Update – NHS England

Here is the latest email update for the Learning Disability and Autism Forum. It tells you about the work of NHS England and NHS Improvement and ways you can get involved. We write this update in plain English and we

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June PDSG – The Duck: An Autistic Play

This play is the next PDSG presentation. We would like to remind everyone that it’s two weeks today. The format will be: • Play • Break with cakes • Discussion of any issues that have arisen Dr. Linda Buchan Consultant

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The Autism Show 2019 is back for another year! – NAS

We will be attending this event, and hope to see you there! Dr. Linda Buchan Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Director of Axia ASD Ltd. The Autism Show 2019 is back for another year! We’re once again delighted to partner with

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Insights from Mental Health Today – May 2019

Insights I’ve heard voices since I was five-years-old – and I wouldn’t change a thing “Most vulnerable women are being repeatedly failed”: A call for trauma-informed NHS approaches It’s exam time – but university students need support all year long

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Axia ASD Ltd’s Annual Report – 2018\19

We are delighted to share Axia ASD Ltd’s Annual Report for the year 2018/19. The report details developments in our service and our plans for 2019. It includes highlights from last year including our extremely successful PDSG presentations, the release

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