April PDSG Presentation with Anna Haigh – Navigating Mental Health Services

Thank you to Anna for her presentation on “Navigating Mental Health Services”, which gave a very interesting insight from a Consultant Clinical Psychologist on the NHS services, and how they are changing in the area of mental health.
For those of you who missed April’s PDSG, the recording is available to watch below.
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2 comments on “April PDSG Presentation with Anna Haigh – Navigating Mental Health Services
  1. Senor says:

    Much appreciated and relevant. On a similar, but sad note, just seen this. BBC News – Autism: Zoe Zaremba ‘driven to her death’ by wrong diagnosis

  2. Corina Chladek says:

    This was VERY uplifting, thank you for this amazing presentation. I am glad that there is change in sight, at least in England.

    In Switzerland, navigating through this is kind of a nightmare, I have been diagnosed in 2020, and as I told my employer, they are not willing to make adjustments, so I do have to go the route of getting evaluated for disability services…to the invalidity insurance (yes, that is how they are called)
    however, doing what they want and think is best for you, so far I have been hangin’ in the air, still no idea, where I will end up, as they first want to test me, how much I “can still work” at some place with adjustments, but that place has not been found yet, as the proper work place with reasonable adjustments in a low sensory environment does not exist in Switzerland, and the employers HAVE TO BE WILLING to make these adjustments, as it is not a law here… But luckily the United Nations comittee noted that in their recent report – They pointed out many other issues, having many concerns, so I hope the international pressure will also lead to more positive changes in Switzerland as Autistic Advocates who dare to speak up are in danger of losing their financial (disability) support, or having it cut in half out of the blue..

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