“Are You Autistic?” – Channel 4

With the start of the National Autistic Society’s
“World Autism Awareness Week”
(perhaps #WAAW to the young folk!) beginning tomorrow, 26th March 2018,
we wished to alert people to the Channel 4 programme
“Are You Autistic?” which will be broadcast on Wednesday 28th March 2018, at 10pm.

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5 comments on ““Are You Autistic?” – Channel 4
  1. Artymisia says:

    I watched the bit about spectrum women speed-dating. I wondered how many entirely ‘normal’ – whatever that is – people are unnecessarily diagnosed as autistic. The women shown were far more engaged and gregarious than I could , or would ever want to be. And I’m not normal, I’m human.

    • Andrew Cole says:

      Being autistic is not a limiter and not a defined thing. Some autists are extroverts, some introverts. Some would faint at the thought of talking to an audience. Others would revel in it. It is not a rigid thing.

      I couldn’t do speed dating because like the woman I can only “listen” to small talk for a certain period before I am zoned out and want to go home. It is a waste of my time and I don’t care what someone else’s kids are doing or achieving. IT has no relevance to me and I could be doing something much more productive than sat there nodding and smiling.

      I am married with 3 children. 2 Sons diagnosed with ASD, 1 of them also with ADHD. Daughter is still too young and not showing obvious signs (yet.)

      I have never made an effort to date through my life (I am 43) and it has always been just a meeting whilst drinking so that I could cope with the nightlife (as a single.) I met my wife drunk, we danced, exchanged numbers but she rang me. (I am terrible speaking on the phone – midfreeze – and wouldn’t have rung because of that.)

      Didn’t know I was autistic back then, just thought I was very shy, very impatient, awkward, wierd, boring etc. But my sons going through the process led me to research what it was and my life was being repeated by many others as I researched.

      I am an undiagnosed Aspie (what’s the point, I have learnt over my 43 years to cope so wouldn’t get a diagnosis.) I love singing and have a good voice but can’t sing in front of people. People will ask me to sing something casually but I can’t. It feels pressuring and uncomfortable……….however I have always pushed myself to do Karaoke. It is uncomfortable. I stand like a statue singing the words. People praise me. I love doing Karaoke despite the awkwardness and anxiety.

      But I like to sing and I like people talking to me about singing…..something I can converse with them because it is a subject I am happy to talk about without “zoning out.”

      The rest of the time I leave the house only if I need to and avoid all unnecessary verbal communication. Just sometimes I need to have some interaction, need to do something I like and so this is one avenue to interact. If they start babbling on about anything other than singing they’ve lost me again. lol

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Thank you both for sharing your views
    It is much appreciated

  3. Lee says:

    I watched this show and was interested to find that Dr Baron – Cohen has written several books about Autism.

    Would you recommend any of his books?

  4. Linda Buchan says:

    Professor Baron -Cohen is an eminent figure
    If you would like to know what books we recommend please ask for our book list via the enquiries e-mail

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