“Autism in Academia: Real Experiences” – LIVE with Scientists

LIVE with Scientists is a Manchester-based public engagement platform, which aims to make science more accessible to everyone. They say “We are particularly passionate about using the platform to promote autism-related content: highlighting the latest research, the work of charities and other organisations, and generally increasing awareness of autism.”
On 24th October, as part of their ‘Neuroscience-themed’ month, is a video piece entitled ‘Autism in academia: real experiences’. This intends to be an insightful series of videos in which a group of autistic individuals share their experiences of working in academia. This includes the positives, challenges and steps that could be taken by the field of academia to tackle obstacles faced.
“In compiling the piece, I deliberately avoided giving any strict guidelines about content so as to allow individuals freedom to raise whatever issues were important to them. I was keen to avoid a regimented, structured piece reinforcing the message that autism presents in an identical manner in all individuals.
Having grown up alongside an autistic twin sister myself, I feel the challenges faced by autistic adults are rarely discussed and am thus keen to give this piece as large a platform as I can. As such, I would sincerely appreciate any means by which you would be able to share the resource and potentially facilitate necessary change in the academic working world!
To find out more about LIVE with Scientists and what we do, feel free to explore our website https://www.livewithscientists.com/, where you can also find links to our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube platforms.”
Jessica Brown
LIVE with Scientists Team

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