Axia’s August PDSG – Presentation Slides from Sarah Hendrickx

“Making it work: Love, Sex and Relationships”

Following Sarah Hendrickx superb talk at Axia’s 23rd Post-Diagnostic Support Group, a number of attendees expressed an interest in being able to refer back to the slides which Sarah showed during her presentation.

Sarah has kindly agreed to share the slides with us for the benefit of those at the meeting, with the understanding that the slides were all accompanied with verbal explanations and caveats, which of course can’t be included here.

Thank you again Sarah, and we hope others will find this slideshow extremely useful.


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2 comments on “Axia’s August PDSG – Presentation Slides from Sarah Hendrickx
  1. Helen says:

    I really enjoyed this months PDSG meeting. Sarah’s talk was captivating, humorous and real.
    I wish I could have videoed it so that my whole family could have reaped the benefit.
    I felt so engaged with what Sarah said; and that it was totally ok to just be me. No more trying to fit the ideals of others.
    Of course, as soon as I’m back on home turf, it’s not so easy, but still, to have had the benefit of Sarah’s talk is wonderful.
    I’m looking forward to reading one of her books that I have borrowed from Axia.
    Many thanks for a super meeting.

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    I agree Helen with your thoughts
    See you next time

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