Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – August 2017

Meeting-minutes-pictureMinutes of the Twenty Third
Post-Diagnostic Support Group
Wednesday 16th August 2017

Today’s group was attended by 44 people.

Items discussed were:

The meeting started with apologies from Linda about starting a little late today. Unfortunately, there were roads closed into Crewe and a series of diversions meant people were delayed arriving. We would like to express our thanks to everybody for still attending, after it being such a stressful journey for those who got caught up in the diversions. We really appreciate this perseverance by you all and we understand how difficult this must have been.

Linda extended to the group apologies for Elspeth, Claire and Dip being unable to attend due to other commitments.

Linda thanked everyone for attending and introduced all members of the Axia team and explained the usual structure of our group, where we usually talk about a given subject for the first part, we have a break for tea, coffee and cake and then resume for the last 45 minutes and answer any questions or concerns by our members.

Today’s group was attended by 44 people, which was an amazing attendance, once again it was a very successful day.

Linda introduced our guest speaker Sarah Hendrickx and Sarah’s presentation was titled “Making it work: Love, Sex and Relationships”.

Sarah gave us all a very interesting and insightful look into how difficult relationships can be for a individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We had a 15 minute break for refreshments and cake. Today’s cakes were “Honey and pistachio” and “Pineapple and Coconut”, both of which were enjoyed by our members.

During the break the unanimous opinions that were shared were of a
“very revolutionary presentation”
by Sarah. Her insights were so powerful and inspirational. One lady spoke of how, when listening to Sarah, it had described “her life” and how powerful that moment was.

We resumed after the break for Sarah to take any questions. It was so good to hear all the questions and I think we had all been moved and inspired by Sarah Hendrickx. There were a series of very interesting questions and answers.

Sarah spoke of a group in Scotland called “Right Click” which can be accessed free for online help and support.

Carly then spoke to the group about the NAS Autism Professionals Awards 2018 and how to vote for these via our website.

We also announced to the group that Sarah Hendrickx will be speaking at our Conference next year, the date of which is 21 September 2018.

Linda thanked everyone for attending and thanked Sarah for her presentation.

The next group will be held on 27 September 2017 @ 11.30am-1.30pm and it was announced that Dr Peter Mason will be speaking at our next meeting.

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5 comments on “Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – August 2017
  1. ronnie says:

    Although I didn’t ask any questions an interesting presentation,furthering my understanding of why I have never Married. Although many People with Aspergers Syndrome marry, I suspect there are also many People with Aspergers Syndrome who never Marry for no other reason than they have Aspergers Syndrome as is the Case with me.
    As I said at the Meeting I did nominate axia asd ( Linda & Carly),but also admitted I may have messed the Nomination up due to the Complicated National Autistic Form.
    I wonder how many People who attend the Post Diagnostic Support Group read the minutes of the Meeting & the Comments?

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks Ronnie
    Thanks also for trying to nominate us
    It won’t be you who has messed up
    Clearly the form is complex

  3. ronnie says:

    Your welcome Linda and Thank you.
    Fingers Crossed,let’s hope it’s worked.

  4. Josie Thomas says:

    I would like to nominate Linda and Carly for the Autistic Society’s awards, but I can’t work out which category to use. Education doesn’t seem to fit. Are they Healthcare Professionals? The description implies an ongoing caring role, which doesn’t seem appropriate. Let me know, and I’ll fill in the form! Josie

    • Helen says:

      Hi Josie, I have tried very hard to get my head around nominating Linda and the team at Axia, but it’s beaten me. I hope you are able to achieve where I failed.

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