February PDSG Presentation with Dr Carly Jones MBE

Many thanks to our guest speaker Dr Carly Jones MBE. Carly joined us virtually and gave a very personal presentation on “Autistic Spice – Born to be Mild?”.

For those unable to attend our PDSG, the recording is available below.

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3 comments on “February PDSG Presentation with Dr Carly Jones MBE
  1. Corina Chladek says:

    Such an excellent presentation. So important what was being said about THE SENSE OF SELF. Masking all the way through life – for me it was 46 years, that takes a toll. Whereas I agree on getting a diagnosis might get you support, I have to say, it can then lead to being pathologized, and made more dysfunctional than you actually are. So therefore education about autism, DEMYSTIFYING autism, IT IS SO IMPORTANT. GET RID of that outdated idea, what autism is. A recent study has come out about autistics being actually traumatized by that system, so that needs to change…. https://www.sunderland.ac.uk/more/news/story/new-report-finds-widespread-abuse-of-autistic-people-1931?

  2. Helen Jones says:

    Every word of Carly’s presentation rang home with me.
    I am going to watch it again, what a bright and beautiful person.
    Thank you.

  3. Corina Chladek says:

    As an afterthought: Face blindness: When you have not seen somebody for a long time, it can happen, that your brain just does not recognize them as a familiar face, and you walk past them, which may seem rude, but isn’t done on purpose… however the way someone walks, the sound of their voice, their laughter or other sounds they make, that is like a fingerprint..and rings a bell.. What was mentioned about “exposure anxiety” (Donna Williams) – having your name used, yes it puts you on the spot. Even if it is positive, like getting a compliment, it can cause distress and trigger anxiety, when you find yourself in the centre of attention suddenly. I feel indirect communication less intimidating and easier to adjust. But yeah we are all different in this regard..

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