Hall of Mirrors: Chards of Clarity – Review

Book Review of
Autism Neuroscience and finding of self
By Phoebe Coldwell
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing

Many of you will know of Phoebe Coldwell’s work which spans over forty years. She marries together neuroscience research evidence but also many years of practical approaches which she has found useful. She also draws on the stories and experiences of many people on the Autism Spectrum. She is clearly a pioneer in the field and I have had the privilege of hearing her speak.

The chapters focus on body language, connections, she talks about the right and left brain and the Corpus Callosum which connects the brains. She talks about evolutionary notions, knowing self and un-self feelings, response of incommunication. She also provides tips on intensive interaction and sensory deficits toolkit.

I highly recommend this book to try and have a greater understanding how the world is at best confusing and at times frightening for many people on the Spectrum in terms of how they experience it from a sensory perspective as well as all the other challenges they face on a day to day basis. These sensory sensitivities can range from touch, colour, symmetry, sound, pain and so on and cannot be underestimated as to how they impact on people on a day to day basis. However, many individuals and their families are actually not aware of this and how would one know that the way you experience the world is any different from anyone else.

I shall try to endeavour to bring this to the next post-diagnostic support group.

Dr. Linda Buchan
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
& Director of Axia ASD Ltd.

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One comment on “Hall of Mirrors: Chards of Clarity – Review
  1. Helen says:

    This book sounds very unusual and interesting, I shall look forward to perhaps dipping in to it at the next PDSG meeting.

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