Hitman 3 (2021) – Game Review

Hitman 3 (2021)

(Available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC)
(Nintendo Switch version is a Cloud version and requires a constant internet connection to play)
(Xbox Series X|S version used for review)

The third entry in the Hitman Reboot is finally here after being revealed at the first PlayStation 5 reveal event last year and it later would get a January release date making it the first AAA title to be released in 2021. Hitman brings back the stealth gameplay to assassinate a specific target by whatever means you chose of the previous 2 games along with a few extra online challenges and adds a VR mode for the game which I haven’t tried out since I was playing it on an Xbox Series X which doesn’t currently have a VR headset and right now the VR functionality is confined to the PlayStation 4 version though expect it to go to the PC eventually and possibly the PlayStation 5 if Sony decide to keep their VR intuitive. The game also offers you the ability to transfer data and maps if you’ve played the previous games you can transfer your save data to it and access the maps from the previous games which will be a big selling point for fans of the previous entries to pick up as soon as possible and will make you want to transfer your save data from previous consoles if you upgraded to next gen. The biggest difference this time is that developers IO Interactive are also now the publishers and you can tell this has allowed them a much greater degree of creative control.


  • Gameplay: I’ve really enjoyed the really creative gameplay of the Hitman games which allow for real creativity in how you pull off killing your target. While you’re quite limited at first as you go further the game will really test how you use the environment to your advantage and the online challenges also add some excellent additions.
  • Level design: the open levels of the Hitman franchise which really have no sort of linear structure. You really have to learn the environment and your targets patterns in order to pull off a clean kill without getting shot by about 20 bodyguards (unless you’re me during the mission in China, not one of my best ideas thought disguising myself as a scientist would work better than it turned out). The actual environments have a great range. These range from a skyscraper in Dubai, a manor in Dartmoor England, a nightclub in Berlin and a party at a winery in Italy and you will never feel bored by the environments
  • Dartmoor mission: a lot of people have talked about how good the Dartmoor mission is and I am inclined to agree. I won’t give away too much about it but believe me it’s fantastic and will be a good one for repeat plays.
  • Importing save data from Hitman 1 & 2: a really great way to add to the game is to import your data is to add all the experience you got from 1 and 2 and to bring over those maps. I didn’t get the chance to experience this since I opted for the Xbox version but from second hand information I have heard everyone who has done so is very happy with it and until I experience otherwise I’m inclined to agree with them.
  • Graphics in gameplay: the game runs excellently. I played on an Xbox Series X with the game runs at 4K with a frame rate 60 fps and with the additions that the next gen console gave it is amazing how good it makes the game look


  • Story: As expected this entry is the conclusion to the trilogy with Agent 47 attempting to snuff out the final leaders of Providence and it serves the game well but I will be honest I have never really cared for the plot of the Hitman reboot series it just to me feels like an excuse to go from level to level and doesn’t really interest me. however my personal opinion and there’s nothing inherently wrong with the plotline so I can’t put it as a con
  • Game Length: as a single player experience it’s fine enough coming in for a run time of 7-9 hours at a bare minimum which is perfectly acceptable for a single player experience but it still is significantly smaller than the previous 2 entries. Now the game is extended out with the features of adding the Hitman 1 & 2 maps but if like me you don’t have that ability for whatever reason you are getting a smaller game than the previous entries. Even on completion (which I didn’t do so this is based off Howlongtobeat.com statistics) you’re looking at 20 hours and that’s if you have a few tricky challenges that got you killed a few times whereas Hitman 1 and 2 both had completion times of 95- 122 hours. You can extend the runtime of the game through the importation of Hitman 1 and 2 data and there will be a season pass of DLC in the future however the former won’t be an option to Nintendo Switch owners who only have access to Hitman 3.
  • Graphics in the cutscenes: they’re not bad but not nearly as good as the actual gameplay segments and show a notable difference


  • Rendering issues: this was a consistent problem even though I was using a next gen console with a perfectly compatible tv. It was most noticed on mission like the Berlin one but in short some environmental features like bushes would show very visible rendering to a very noticeable degree. Now we’re not talking Cyberpunk 2077 on the PS4 bad but it I felt it should be mentioned.
  • No multiplayer: I think the lack of online multiplayer really is a poor decision on the part of IO interactive. While it’s never been amazing I think it would’ve been better to try and improve it rather than just scrap it especially at a time when we’re looking for online multiplayer games to connect with one another

Overall thoughts

Hitman 3 does a good job wrapping up the trilogy, but I would say that it has a few issues. While the gameplay and maps are great its lower level of content and removal of online multiplayer really hurt it and while I really get the appeal of the Hitman series it wasn’t a game that I found myself constantly wanting to play. Now that’s probably my personal tastes since I know a lot of people love these games but I have to be honest and I think it’s due to the story not feeling too compelling to me which disconnects me from the motivation to play, though I will reiterate on any technical level the story hasn’t really got much inherently wrong with it.. If you’ve really been into the Hitman games don’t wait for a sale if you are not sure do get the first one first to see if it’s for you before investing entirely in the trilogy.

Score: 7.6/10

Do not get if this is your first entry into the series buy Hitman 1 and 2 first on whichever device you’re likely to use in the future and experience the trilogy from start to finish. Switch owners should be cautious in their purchase especially if they don’t have great Broadband since unlike the PC, Xbox and PlayStation versions it requires a good internet connection to play though the game launches with a demo to see if your internet is up to task before you make a full purchase. I’ve also heard though even on good internet you’ll have trouble with frame rate dips and slightly delayed inputs though it’s somewhat expected with cloud gaming even with good Broadband
Calvin – Nerd Consultant

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