LA Cabina – Review

“La cabina”

The Telephone Box (1972)
La cabina (original title) 35min | Short
Comedy, Horror | TV Short 13 December 1972

‘LA Cabina’ is a 1972 Spanish Dark Comedy and Horror film about a man who gets stuck in a Telephone Kiosk

A Brand new Telephone Kiosk is made available with the Telephone Door left open. A Man decides to make a Telephone Call, the Telephone doesn’t work, meanwhile the Telephone Door which had been left open shuts by itself. The Man attempts to leave, but unfortunately the Telephone Door won’t open open and the Man is Stuck in the Telephone Box. Some People try to help to open the Door without Success, very soon a Crowd has gathered with the Dark side of human nature finding it funny to see a man stuck in the Telephone Kiosk.

There is also concern, some People trying to rescue the man including the Police and Fire Brigade all unfortunately failing and eventually a Truck arrives with the Telephone Kiosk and Man still trapped inside are put on the back of the Truck and is driven away with the Crowd waving goodbye and some reassuring the poor victim that they will get him out. On the Journey along the roads most People continuing to find the sight of a person on the back of a Truck Trapped in a Telephone Kiosk funny.

As the journey continues the horror of his plight is becoming increasingly obvious to the unfortunate Person. Along the way a funeral is taking place. Further along a sympathetic Child wave to the man. Soon after he arrives at his destination where without wanting to spoil the end of the Film the full horror unfolds.

This film is available to watch on YouTube and the DVD can be purchased online.

Ronnie – Guest Contributor

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