Listening to your heartbeat can help with your feelings

24 Apr 2018

“I wish I could feel happy or excited” – Tom is trying a new treatment that could help people with autism to better recognise their emotions. Research shows the more someone can tune into their own heartbeat, the better they can relax and calm themselves down. The treatment has also been able to help people respond better to other emotions.

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3 comments on “Listening to your heartbeat can help with your feelings
  1. Josie Thomas says:

    I’ve learned to get off to sleep by counting heartbeats. If I have the discipline to reach 100 three times, I’m nearly always asleep before I get there. It’s harder to “find” my heartbeat in the day time, but I have definitely found it helps if it does get noisy, with anxiety or exercise. I’m not surprised this technique helps. It’s very like a form of meditation, maintaining awareness on the breath.

  2. Dream says:

    Personally, as an autistic adult, much as I enjoyed this cliip, I found my Self both resonating with the experience described, whilst totally disagreeing with some of the statements.

    For example, he says “I can sympathise but I can’t empathise”. I find the opposite to be true – I can not sympathise, but at times I do empathise, which I find painful to me and induces feelings of being “overwhelmed”.

    I also find my Self in a contrarian position regarding “heartbeats”. They are something which one can observe but not easily effect. Breathing on the other hand is something we DO have an element of control over, and by our regulating THAT we effect our pulse.

    If one is seeking “calmness”, look to the breath first and the heart follows. Sorry to sound like a “new age freak”, but it is biologically true I think!

  3. Linda Buchan says:

    Thanks to both of you for
    taking the time to comment
    It is much appreciated

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