PDSG: Winter \ Summer Programme 2020

Axia-ASD Post Diagnostic Support Group – Programme January \ June 2020

Crewe Lifestyle Centre – ask at Reception and you will be told where the group is held.
All meetings are from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. Refreshments are provided.

No interaction is required and you may come and go as you please.

The group is facilitated by Sarah Hendrickx, an autistic adult, author and diagnostician at Axia-ASD unless otherwise stated. Recordings of previous presentations can be found at www.axia-asd.co.uk

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Autopia – Dr. Luke Beardon, Senior Lecturer in Autism, Sheffield Hallam University
Luke will talk about his vision for an Autistic Utopia of the future, taking account of where he perceives society is currently and what needs to be done before the Autistic population can live safely and happily in an environment suited to them.

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Autism and Alcohol – Matt Tinsley, Autistic Adult and Co-author of Asperger Syndrome: Drinking To Cope
Matt will share his story of late diagnosed Autism and how this realisation led to his recovery from severe alcoholism. He and Sarah will also talk about what is known about Autism and addiction.

Wednesday 8th April 2020

Social and Personal Relationships – continued… – Sarah Hendrickx, Autistic Adult, Author and Diagnostician at Axia
Sarah will continue her presentation from 2019 which she didn’t finished as we were all joining in so much! She will try and get to the end this time, but the joining in is fine.

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Catatonia, Shutdown and Breakdown in Autism – Dr. Linda Buchan, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Axia
There is some evidence that at least 17% of the Autistic individuals will experience catatonia at some point in their lives. The term ‘catatonia’, although first mentioned in 1874, remains misunderstood.

This presentation will try and clear up some of the misconceptions, describe catatonia and look at the potential overlap with Autism. There will be a focus on looking for the early signs of a catatonic episode and what can be done to help Autistic individuals experiencing catatonia.

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11 comments on “PDSG: Winter \ Summer Programme 2020
  1. Avril Ehrlich says:

    Are April and May events not going to happen online, please? Many thanks.

    • Dream says:

      Hi Avril, we are intending to share a presentation by Sarah on the 8th April, but there was no May meeting scheduled, and hopefully by June the world will have returned to a more normal state of affairs.

      • Avril Ehrlich says:

        I look forward to Sarah’s presentation. Will we be informed when it is available, please?

        I am currently indexing a book on the link between autism and eating disorders for Jessica Kingsley. Very interesting.

        • Dream says:

          Hi Avril,

          if you’ve signed up to our “new post notification” (which can be found here ) then you should get an email alert.

          If not, I think it’s scheduled for 9am, so check back tomorrow after that and it should be here.

  2. Hayley Morgan says:

    Is the one in July still on causes It says the 2nd but the 2nd on a Thursday not Wednesday, if it is not is it on Wednesday 1st July. Is there any way for me to see Sarah presentation online or not

    Ps if there not one in July then when are there starting put again

  3. Linda Buchan says:

    The presentation from Sarah (replacing July speaker) is now on our website
    We anticipate it will be a while before we meet at the Lifestyle Centre as it will be difficult to maintain even a one metre distance
    We are looking at doing virtual presentations for September and December at the moment

  4. Senor says:

    Could you give us a link for Sarah’s latest presentation please? I can’t seem to find it. But perhaps I’ve misunderstood. No need to post this reply, Sue. Cheers!

    • Dream says:

      Hi Senor, Sarah’s talk is scheduled for July 15th which is when the next PDSG would have been taking place.

  5. Linda Buchan says:

    My fault
    Dream knows what’s happening!

  6. hayley morgan says:

    does anyone know when the next session will be and if it will be held at crewe lifestyle

  7. Linda Buchan says:

    We don’t anticipate the September PDSG will go ahead at Crewe but we shall try and do something virtually

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