People rule elections –

I know, I know, not another election! The thing is, this one is quite important if we want to help our country to move forward.

There was once a time when everyone reading this email wouldn’t have been allowed to vote. Now everyone over the age of 18 is being asked their view – you are literally choosing who runs the country, that’s quite something!

I know some of you feel your voice doesn’t matter – that nobody listens if you speak up. But as my friends at say, it’s the people who rule elections, not politicians. When it comes to voting, your voice is all that matters. Every single vote. That’s what democracy is.

If you are frustrated and fed up, or if you are hopeful and want change, use this chance to tell Parliament what you want.

Don’t know who to vote for? Don’t worry! You have the next few weeks to decide. For now, just make sure you’re registered so that you at least have the option.

If you’re already registered then please help me spread the word by pressing forward on this email or sharing this post with 5 friends to make sure that by election day, we’re all able to have a say.

The deadline to register is 11:59pm on 26 November. But don’t wait until then, do it now. It only takes a minute.

Your voice matters!

PS When asked you what we should focus on as a community this election, thousands of you said we should work together to register people to vote. You also wanted to know more about the biggest people power campaigns during this period. So along with this reminder to register, expect to see the biggest campaigns taking off in your inbox over the next few weeks.

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