Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – February 2020

Meeting-minutes-pictureMinutes of the Forty Second
Post-Diagnostic Support Group
26th February 2020

Today’s group was attended by 42 people and one assistance dog.

Sarah Hendrickx opened the group and explained that Linda was not there as she was attending the NAS conference in Birmingham. Sarah introduced Alex as Axia’s representative and advised the group about the meeting that Alex was attending in Chester regarding the plans for an Autism Hub in Chester. Sarah asked that any suggestions or queries were written on post it notes in the break for Alex to raise at the meeting.

Sarah then introduced Matt Tinsley who did a presentation on Autism and Alcohol. Matt co-authored a book with Sarah Hendrickx entitled “Asperger Syndrome: Drinking to Cope” and his presentation was about how he had used alcohol to dull the spiky edges of life that he felt due to being Autistic.

All members of the group felt that they were able to relate in some way to Matt’s experiences and enjoyed the presentation, which was concluded by Sarah explaining her research into the relationship and links between autism and alcohol/drugs being used as a coping mechanism.

We then stopped for tea and cake; the cakes were a selection from Aldi as Cal was also at the NAS Conference in Birmingham.

During the break people completed post-it notes with suggestions for the Autism Hub meeting. It was suggested that if anyone had any further suggestions following the group that they email

Following the break there was time for questions which were answered by both Matt and Sarah.

Sarah reminded everyone about the online library where they could borrow a copy of Matt and Sarah’s book.

The next group will be on Wednesday 8th April 2020. This is entitled Social and Personal Relationships – continued… and Sarah Hendrickx is the speaker. Sarah will be continuing her presentation from last year, which provoked a lot of participation.

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One comment on “Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – February 2020
  1. Ronnie Hunt says:

    Although far more People catch Seasonal Flue and Die from Seasonal Flue every Winter than from the Coronavirus so far, nevertheless this is a Serious Health Crisis for the World with the World Health Organisation declaring Coronavirus a Pandemic and we’re living in very uncertain times with the UK Government having regular Cobra Meetings and Press Conferences with the Chief Medical Officer included. last Weeks Question Time being like a Medical Advise Surgery, yesterdays Budget ” Millions or Billions More for the NHS Whatever it Takes ” and the statement on the Coronavirus followed by Questions at 7pm in Parliament Last Night.

    I know the next axia meeting is not due to take place until the 8th April, and inevitably with the number of New Cases not expected to Peak for a Couple of Months is the intention still that the April 8th Meeting and future Meetings will go ahead or is it possible the April Meeting and future Meetings will have to be Cancelled ?

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