Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – June 2016

Meeting-minutes-pictureMinutes of the Thirteenth
Post-Diagnostic Support Group
8th June 2016

Today’s group was attended by 25 people.

Items discussed were:

Linda presented to the group the thematic analysis Elspeth and Linda had produced regarding the responses received in a previous meeting as to what the group would like the Post-Diagnostic Support Group meetings to be focused on.

Linda then asked the group for future topics. Post-it notes were handed out and responses welcomed. We received a very helpful number of responses which will be further analysed by Linda and Elspeth. Common topics were:

  • Work Issues
  • Helpful Apps
  • Medication
  • Leisure Activities
  • Coping Strategies
  • Anxiety
  • Depicting Autism in the media
  • Parent Support
  • Social Skills
  • Challenging inflexibility
  • Creative session
  • Depression

Guest/External speakers were then discussed and the group felt it would be helpful to invite the following:

  • BREN Project (regarding employment)
  • Occupational Therapist (regarding employment and/or sensory issues)
  • Dr Sudharsan regarding mental health and medication

It was also suggested that a Trades Union representative is invited. If anyone has any suggestion of a good representative we would be delighted to hear of them.

The group discussed and felt in order not to lose the personal aspect of the group that external speakers could be invited to every other group rather than every session.

Linda then informed the group about the 2016 Autism Pride day (18 June 2016). It was decided that next year, Axia ASD Ltd would do something to celebrate this and will be inviting contributions nearer the time.

Dream then shared with the group the work he had done around creating an Autism Alert Card. Dream has posted details on our website to invite further feedback HERE.

Linda explained to the group that we hope to have our website, Facebook page and Twitter account as interactive as possible and welcomed feedback and comments and reviews.

Books were then shown to the group that Linda had reviewed or recently ordered and handed over to Autism Inclusive.

Cal also advised the group of a recent book he has read called the Boy and the Beast.

Cal also informed the group of a film due to be released on 10 June 2016 “When Marnie was There”.

Carly asked the group for feedback on how they were finding the new room and venue as Carly felt it to be a little noisier. It was decided that signs should be placed on the door to alert people that a group was in session and also to request noise is kept to a minimum. Carly to do this ready for next group session.

Our next monthly post-diagnostic support group will take place on

Wednesday 17 August 2016 between 1pm and 3pm at the Lifestyle Centre.
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One comment on “Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – June 2016
  1. Ronnie says:

    Good idea for an Autism pride event next year. Lucky to have
    Axia to organise it.
    People were coming in and out of the venue which was a pain.And if there are a lot of people at future meetings like At lukes, then the gym equipment is going to make the room overcrowded.If these problems continue then i would be happy if the Venue was changed to Redhill HOUSE.

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