Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – March 2019

Meeting-minutes-pictureMinutes of the Thirty Fifth
Post-Diagnostic Support Group
13th March 2019

Today’s group was attended with 36 people and one assistance dog

The presentation on exercise is on our website in terms of the PowerPoint presentation that Sarah delivered and the audio recording.

After the break we spoke about the importance of co-production and the group has been a co-produced group right from the beginning. In future the people coming from Axia will probably be Sarah, Linda, Calvin and Dream, with occasional other people joining us.

We asked for volunteers who could keep check of books going in and out, making sure there were plenty of chairs for people and tidying up afterwards. We were delighted with the amount of people who were going to help us with this.

Sarah discussed the possibility of having some “social” opportunities where people might be living near each other and may be able to offer something to somebody local. There was a discussion about some ideas about future topics which Sarah took note of and will be weaving into her programme. She also asked if there were people in the room who felt they had skills, ideas or knowledge that they might like to share for the presentation and again took details.

We were delighted to show the group Calvin’s book and copies were purchased. We showed copies of the Parliamentary Review and explained that Linda and Elspeth were going to be going to the presentation. We gave some feedback from the National Autistic Society professionals conference and again Sarah is going to be weaving that into our program of events.

Finally, we spoke about our visit yesterday from Alison Kime, Quality Improvement Manager and Jackie Goodall, Designated Nurse Adult Safeguarding who were from Vale Royal and Cheshire. The group were more than happy to talk with the Quality visitors either in written form or if they were able to come to one of the Post Diagnostic Support Groups, they would be more than happy to talk to them in person.

The cakes were beautiful, there was an interesting one, chocolate and chickpea and the other St Clements, both of which were gluten free. The cake of the month was chocolate and chickpea.

After the group, our education lead Sue came up with an idea regarding the books. She suggested providing a brief description of the books we have on our website so that people could “pre-order” and Linda will bring them to the group.

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2 comments on “Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – March 2019
  1. Ronnie says:

    An enjoyable Meeting.I think it is a very Good Idea that only Linda,Sarah and Calvin come from Redhill House to the Post-Diagnostic Support Group Meeting although maybe David if he wanted could also come to the Meetings and he could take Notes and Write the Report of the Meeting. Nothing wrong with Sue’s Report, it would mean the Report was written by David who had attended the Post-Diagnostic Support Group Meeting.
    I will now go and Hum the European National Anthem!

  2. Linda Buchan says:

    Just to let everyone know I did the notes for the group
    I will continue to do so as the main part of the feedback is the presentation with audio recording

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