Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – May 2017

Meeting-minutes-pictureMinutes of the Twenty First
Post-Diagnostic Support Group
24th May 2017

Today’s group was attended by 44 people.

Items discussed were:

Linda began by introducing the team to the new attendees of the group.

Linda provided hand outs to the group of the details of our forthcoming Autism Pride Event which is due to take place on Sunday 18 June 2017. We will be meeting at Northgate Arena at 2pm and walking to Grosvenor Park for a picnic.

For directions to get to Northgate Arena
please visit here
or click the image to the left.

Linda then explained that the rest of today’s session would be with Dr Luke Beardon who delivered an interactive question and answer session.

Linda ended the session by providing a detailed account of the format of usual sessions (with the exception of today’s) for new attendees.

Our next monthly post-diagnostic support group will take place on:
Wednesday 5 July between 11.30am and 1.30pm at the Lifestyle Centre

David Reiser will be delivering a presentation on when/where/how Autistic people want/not want their inflexibility challenged/supported.

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10 comments on “Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – May 2017
  1. Helen says:

    I found this PDSG meeting to be immensely interesting, informative and inspiring.
    Thank you very much indeed to Linda and her brilliant team for bringing this together with Dr Luke Beardon.

  2. ronnie says:

    A good meeting with Dr Luke Beardon. On the subject of Speakers being reinvited back again, there was a previous Speaker who was in my opinion also very good, unfortunately I cannot remember her name, but she spoke from memory last use at the Old Library shortly before it closed.I remember she spoke about a man with a disability who had been adopted and attempted a Day Centre. One day there was a different driver who used a different route which upset the Man which was perfectly understandable, butthe staff at the Day Centre reacted badly with the situation and he was taken from his adoptive family who had to fight to get the Man back from memory taking several years to get the Man back, all because the Day Centre Staff had handled the man been upset badly.
    I think the speaker was a Solicitor who was very good and think it would be good to invite her back.

  3. ronnie says:

    Use meant to be year and attempted meant to be attended.

  4. ronnie says:

    Dream, do you remember the speaker I’m writing about above?Who I would like invited back?

    • Dream says:

      Ohhhh Ronnie, you’ve got me racking my brains now sir…

      I believe I DO recall the lady of whom you speak, as you say, a solicitor in some way, but also involved in research I think somehow? She wore black, did a presentation which I think I was asked to tinker with the projector before it was delivered, and I believe you spoke to her directly following the talk during the question and answer section Ronnie???

      Ohhhhh man, I’ve been searching the Axia site Ronnie, and I’ve got a horrible feeling we’ve been doing this so long that the “event” you are talking about (which I’m sure I remember), was perhaps as long ago as 2014, and was actually the “thing that existed” (which you, me and Linda have attended from the start!) is a PRIOR incarnation of the “Post Diagnostic Support Group” Meetings which have “minutes” posted on the website.

      I may be wrong Ronnie, but I’m thinking the “legal woman” spoke in a meeting BEFORE Elspeth Bromiley did her talk on “Managing Anxiety”? Maybe Carly or Linda will be able to recall who we’re thinking of, assuming we’re both recalling the same thing man (which I think we probably are Ronnie, and at least have narrowed it down to Crewe Library and Legal/Housing talk, so hopefully someone else will have their memory jogged and recall who it was!!!).

      Sorry I can’t give any more specifics Ronnie, in fact thanks dude, it’s now driving me nuts trying to remember more details!!!

      Anywayz, good to catch up with you before the last PDSG Sir. I’m both impressed by the “new wheels” and recognise more importantly perhaps the “independence” it provides is of far higher value than the great colour and looks of the thing!!!

      All the best,

      • ronnie says:

        High Dream,
        Thanks for your input, but it was 100% last year shortly before the end of the old Library Venue. I didn’t speak to the Lady,but thought she was very good.
        It was good talking to you again and it’s much better having a Car again with the independence it gives you
        Best wishes

  5. ronnie says:

    A Clarrification Dream. I don’t remember speaking to the Lady in the question and answer session, but while I don’t think I spoke to the Lady you could be right and I could have forgotten.
    But I can say with 100% certainty the meeting was in 2016.
    As you say Dream perhaps Linda and Carly can remember who the Lady was.
    Linda and Carly can you recall who the Lady was?
    Best wishes,

  6. ronnie says:

    I should have thought of it before.I clicked the older Posts button until I found when the meeting took place,it was on the 30th March,2016. ( The final meeting at the Old Library Venue ).
    The speakers name was Barbara Green.And what she spoke about included the following.
    Mental Health Act 1983.
    Mental Capacity Act 2005.
    The Care Act 2014.
    And the sad Case I mentioned in my original Comment is known as ‘The Bournewood Case’
    Thank you again for your input Dream and I apologise for not having thought to click the older posts button before.
    Linda and Carly could you invite Barbara Green back please.
    Best wishes

  7. Linda Buchan says:

    You are right Ronnie
    It was Barbara

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