Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – October 2019

Meeting-minutes-pictureMinutes of the Thirty Ninth
Post-Diagnostic Support Group
16th October 2019

Today’s group was attended by 33 people.


The number of people who attended was reduced but as the presentation continued it was noticeable how many people contributed by saying how difficult exercise and sport had been for them previously. This may have been the reason that our usual numbers were reduced. It was very noticeable how many people had not engaged in sport or exercise whilst within education and therefore didn’t participate in exercise as adults. Karen-Anne Manghan, Pilate’s teacher and Mental Health Practitioner made the presentation. Karen herself has Autism, Hypermobility and Hypertonia.

The meeting started with the introduction by Sarah Hendrickx and the other Axia, directors and staff. The cakes given today were truly excellent being, Scottish Oats and Chocolate and cinnamon. It was a lovely group of people today, very social and jolly. I had a lovely time.

Karen started the presentation by explaining what Hypermobility and Hypertonia is. Hypermobility is when the joints are loser and Hypertonia is when the joints are tighter. Karen explained that autistic people sometimes have bodily differences, as it is known that in some cases females are born with hip dysplasia. Autism is a spectrum disorder and people may have other disorders like Dyspraxia as well as Hypertonia or Hypermobility, or just find exercise difficult.

Joseph Pilates’ exercise regime cured him of asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. It is a very precise exercise regime, which is now practised by 12 million people world-wide.

Karen went on to explain how Hypermobility is diagnosed using the Beighton score. To be diagnosed with Hypermobility you would need to have at least 4 characteristics from criteria, which has 9 components.


Pilates is about the spine and the benefits of Pilates are to improve posture, improve functional movement, improved body awareness, calm the nervous system, and improve balance. Overall, to undo years of poor sitting and standing.

The delegates were very positive and would engage in Pilates if they could find a teacher or a group that would cater for neuro diversity. Karen will look to see if any exist within the Cheshire area. However, ‘Pilates Anytime’ is a website that exists and Karen does recommend that anyone who is interested gives it a try. It offers a free trial and you could practise Pilates in a private setting.

The presentation is available here.

Dr Linda Buchan

Gave the final talk and closed the meeting.

The next meeting is 4 December 2019 when the presentation will be by Lana Grant who is a mother of 6 children and was Birmingham City Council’s advisor for Autism.

On 31 January 2020 there will be a conference in Wrexham called ‘Autism: Future Employment.’ The fee will be £10.00 and are available to buy on Eventbrite.

The Open Room, Redhill House, Chester

Is available at no cost to anyone between the hours of 12-2pm, every Wednesday (except for the dates of the PDSG). It is not staffed by clinicians or facilitators but is available as a quiet space and somewhere to meet.


If there is a bad weather forecast within the region please check the Facebook page and Axia website to see if the group meeting is still on. If still in doubt please telephone 01244 567656 although the weather maybe reasonable in Crewe some of the staff live in North Wales and they may not be able to get there. We will do our best to update the website and Facebook page if the meeting is to be cancelled.

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2 comments on “Post-Diagnostic Support Group Minutes – October 2019
  1. Helen Jones says:

    I enjoyed this meeting very much; and found Karen’s talk enlightening!
    Many thanks to all the Brilliant Team at Axia for organising another superb meeting.
    Kindest regards

  2. Linda says:

    Our pleasure Helen

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