“Pilates for Autistic Bodies” – PDSG Presentation by Karen Manghan

“Pilates for Autistic Bodies”

Wednesday’s talk was an introduction to Pilates, specifically for the Neuro-diverse, given by Sarah Manghan, Autistic Adult, Autism Practitioner and Pilates Teacher.

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise which aims to strengthen the body and can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.

Karen has studied the links between Autism and Hypermobility, which often leads to autistic people developing postural issues or pain conditions. Karen has a number of autistic Pilates clients who have benefited from Pilates in improving body awareness, co ordination and general well being.

“Pilates for Autistic Bodies”

Axia Post-Diagnostic Support Group
October 2019

Karen Manghan

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3 comments on ““Pilates for Autistic Bodies” – PDSG Presentation by Karen Manghan
  1. Senor Moment says:

    Is it possible to post up Part 2? Or was it not recorded because the format of the presentation made it difficult for an audio-visual delivery?

    Part 1 was very interesting. Well, I’m so obviously not hypermobile. But it makes me wonder if my partner displays some hypermobility. She is inclined to panic, and I have recently begun to think that her panic is in some manner infectious. Interestingly, she has recently begun to do exercises (at home) that other people have sent her on social media. It would appear that these exercises have a lot in common with the pilates approach.

    The idea that I might be hypertonic seems a lot more realistic. So it would be great to get some of Part 2. On the other hand, Part 1 has already motivated me enough to go looking for pilates tuition material.I can also definitely see how this could work with self-hypnosis techniques. (And I suppose with yoga, meditation, mindfulness and many others.

    The posture issue was also interesting. Here I am, stood up to watch the presentation on my laptop, which is sat on top of an unused refrigerator. I continue to do that because it is undoubtedly a good idea to stand up and do a lot of walking around while teaching. In retirement, I can now see that it is a good thing to continue, given that the medical world now seem extremely impressed with the very real benefits of walking for those of us who have never had much inclination to to run. (I note that if I ever run, it is usually when no one is really watching. So much more enjoyable that way.)

    • Dream says:

      Hi Senor,
      This was in fact the entire presentation. Karen did not actually demonstrate specific movements as it involved lying on the floor and would have been difficult for the attendees to see. Karen instead mentioned Pilates Anytime as being properly qualified and professional to instruct those wishing to find out more about Pilates. Link here https://www.pilatesanytime.com/
      Hope that helps.

  2. Senor Moment says:

    Cheers for that Dream! We greatly appreciate your recording of the PDSG sessions.

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