Professor Tony Attwood – Uploaded by ABC News (Australia)

Following Helen sharing an extremely interesting video of Tony Atwood on Vimeo, I found a YouTube documentary on Professor Attwood.

Despite the extremely misleading title, “Is Asperger’s syndrome the next stage of human evolution? – Australian Story”, I found this an interesting “review” of Tony Attwood’s life, and strangely resonated with his son to some degree.

I don’t necessarily agree with all the terminology or philosophy, however I found it a fascinating half hour which showed some incredible insights.

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4 comments on “Professor Tony Attwood – Uploaded by ABC News (Australia)
  1. Helen says:

    Dream, thank you very much indeed for sharing this video/film. I found it very helpful, warm, interesting and moving all at the same time.
    I do wish that Tony A had not referred to Aspergers as being at the “mild” end of autism. But that is my only negative and I’d like to think that if he could go back, then he would not use that word because almost every other reference to people with Aspergers is respectful and insightful.
    I wish this could be broadcast on national TV. The public should be more aware.
    Over time I find myself reverting to “trying to be normal” – watching this film has reminded me that I don’t have to do that.
    Thank you

    • Dream says:

      Thanks Helen, I’m glad you enjoyed this, as I too enjoyed the video you shared previously.

      Yes, perhaps the “Least PC” phrase was using “mild and severe” to describe the spectrum, however I was very impressed with the honesty of admitting “not seeing that which was right under one’s nose”!

      I also agree with you that it is very easy to slip back into the “trying to be normal” routine, which I honestly don’t think is in anyone’s best interest!!!

      Best wishes.

  2. Eleonora says:

    I like understanding, skill, conquer rather than masking.

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